Sunday, May 31, 2009

Silly David

As you can tell from my previous post, life with both these boys is never dull. Friday night we went to a new local restaurant to check it out. (It was a new barbeque place that was wonderful!) Anyway, during the meal, I got really uncomfortable with some contractions. When we got home, Mike took the kids downstairs so I could rest on the bed and get them to go away.

A little while later, Mike brought both boys up to tell me goodnight. David wanted a little snuggle time, so I indulged. During snuggle time he said "me sick." I said "I am so sorry you are sick-what hurts?"

He then scrunched up his face, grabbed his belly and replied "me 'tractions!" Yes, my friends, David was complaining about having contractions. I guess we know what word David has heard over and over the last couple of weeks in our house! Gotta love it!

We have had a low key weekend which is wonderful. Kyle had a ballgame and we met my parents for lunch on Sunday. Those were the highlights-I am so cherishing these low key days because I know oh so soon, that this house will be a flutter with a newborn and I will crave these long, lazy days that we have been blessed with:)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

David's Big Day!

Life with David is never boring! Today he had a super big day including Special Games Day (similar to Special Olympics) and his very first Tball game!!!! Special games is always fun to watch him play games and see his friends. It was hot and humid, but David did not seem to mind the heat:)

His Tball game was something I probably will not forget anytime soon. He was absolutely exhausted from Special Games and NO NAP, so we thought he might melt down during the Tball game. Nope-David loved it! He played catcher which was a blast because it put him near his "fan club" and he got two big hits. He got out both times at first, but he could have cared less. He ran back to the dugout waving and giving thumbs up to the crowd. It was precious and priceless:) I just had to share some pictures.

David and Caroline waiting to bowl.

David taking his turn bowling.

Parachute games are always a hit!

This is the picture that could make me bawl my eyes out. Watching Kyle take David under his wing and help him during the game was something else. I cannot express how proud I was of Kyle. Kyle has several buddies on the team and he could have totally let David fend for himself, but he was so proud of David and truly cheered him on and helped him. Sadly, Mike missed the first half of the game due to a meeting, so Kyle stepped in and helped his little brother. Kyle may drive us crazy around the house at times, but I could not have been more proud of both of my boys tonight:)

David's first big hit during the game. He swaggered out of the dugout waving to his fan club with that big batting helmet on and brought the house down. He hit it great, but he did get out running to first. He could have cared less:)

Big boy playing catcher. He loved working the crowd and playing catcher put him close to his fan club:)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Life's Lessons

Life often presents to us teachable moments and we can choose to learn the lesson or not. Last night at a ballgame, there was an opposing coach that acted, ummmm, a little hostile and perhaps extremely way over the top concerning a couple of plays, one of which Kyle was involved in. Evidently he did not agree that Kyle could steal third and advance to home on the play. At this point, we were winning 8-1 and our boys were playing well.

After the coach contested a second play, tempers began to flare, even me-which I know totally surprises you! That was my baby that was forced to go back to 3rd base and witnessed this man acting like he did. But what I also noticed was that our coaches totally did not stoop to his level in front of our boys. I am sure they were hot under the collar, but they hid it well and continued to encourage our boys.

It is SO HARD being a sports parent. Mike handles the role much better than I do at times, but it is hard to remain faithful to your values when you see big people not acting the most appropriate. Mike was involved in the infield pow-wow after the second complaint. He was not there to complain but to help resolve the situation that was intensifying. He was also the one that turned to Kyle and instructed him to get back on 3rd base. That is a good man-because I know him well and I know how competitive Mike can be, but he hid it well for the greater good. He did not want our boys and especially his son to watch him act like a turkey.

On the way home, Kyle and I talked about the situation. I asked Kyle if he would have been embarrassed if his Daddy would have acted like that. He said yes, and then he said "my Daddy would never act that way!" Mike may work long hours and be pretty intense, but somewhere along the way he has made a huge impression on his son.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Fun Weekend

I cannot believe this long weekend is over already. We have truly had a great time staying close to home and getting stuff DONE:) Sunday night I had some major contractions which kicked us into baby mode fast. The boys (all 3) helped raise the crib up which made her nursery start looking like a newborn nursery again. I finally unpacked all the baby shower gifts and got them all organized, washed, and ready. Her closet is overflowing already:)

I cannot sum up this weekend in a whole post, so I can going to share some highlights as one of the last weekends as a family of four.

1) Having dinner with another family Friday night and watching Kyle totally take in their newborn baby. This pregnancy has been a long haul for us all, and Kyle has remained as excited about this baby as he was the first night we told him. We ate at a great local restaurant and enjoyed the playground afterwards.

2) Watching David suit up for Tball practice a good three hours before it started.

3) Having friends over for a leisurely waterslide playdate. Sometime in the craziness of life, playdates fall to the wayside as we scramble around to activities and other obligations.

4) Totally enjoying the new CD that my brother burned for Baby Girl. I had a huge stack of thank you notes to write this weekend, and it was actually relaxing to listen to that CD and write away. (Yes, I am all caught up at this point!)

5) Sunday afternoon we went for a family drive in the country. I know it sounds kind of old-fashioned, but we had a ball. David insisted that his window be down and we rode to a part of our county I had never been to. We had good music on and we ended it with a trip to Sonic for ice cream before heading to the Drive-In to see Night at the Museum 2. Mike and I had a moment when we realized that Kyle is definitely growing up when he rolled his eyes about going for a drive and then listened to his MP3 player for most of the trip.

6) Spending most of the movie walking the parking lot and sitting in the car timing contractions. I missed most of the movie, but that was fine because I did not see the first of the sequel and I was a tad lost in the movie. Kyle loved it and it had a great history lesson:)

7) Watching Mike bust his elbows to get this house organized and ready. I joked with him today that he is in major nesting mode more so than I am. He even organized my jewelry box with all my nice jewelry. I am too tired to nest and frankly have not felt that instinct lately:) Mike cleaned both cars inside and out and even changed some filter in the car that I have no clue about.

8) Spending Memorial Day watching the coolest parade in the morning and watching Kyle play baseball this evening. Our town puts on a great Memorial Day parade and we insist to take the kids every year. Even though baseball is not my favorite sport to spectate, there is nothing more American that listening to the National Anthem being played at a Little League game:) Kyle hit the ball twice tonight which hopefully will end his mid-season slump!!!!

Hope you had a great weekend, I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow and a trip to the dentist. So much for extending my holiday weekend by another day:(

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Waterslide Fun

When we were making plans for the holiday weekend, Kyle asked over and over to get our waterslide out. Then he added some friends to the equation and here is the result. After ball practice Saturday afternoon we invited a few friends over to try out the new waterslide.

David catching some rays!

Our water slide has a squirter at the top that sprays water. David was a wild man on that thing, and got a lot of grownups wet! His face was smashed to the netting and he was laughing his head off at all of us running away from him!!:)

Snack time! We have this old ratty picnic table in our yard that we cannot seem to get rid of because it comes in handy at times:)

Kyle and his friend enjoying cute little popsicles.

David is my cold-natured child and wanted his towel very frequently:)

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Out of the Mouth of Babes

I love that Kyle helps us keep it real here in our household. Last night we went to dinner with another family that happens to have a newborn baby. I was shocked that Kyle watched Baby B's every move and was truly enamored with him. Finally at the end of the evening, he sweetly asked if he could hold Baby B! He might just be a my little helper with Baby Girl!! We also might have a little problem that we may fight over holding her also! Kyle only relented and gave him up because he started fussing.

Anyway, during dinner, Baby B's Mommy picked him up to comfort him and Kyle noticed how much hair he has. He really does have dark beautiful hair. Kyle asked if Baby Girl would have that much hair. I replied that I hope so due to my hairbow fetish, but that will be a surprise when she is born. Baby B's Mommy then went on to explain to Kyle that he is starting to lose some of his hair especially in the back where he lays down, but it will grow back. Kyle then said, "oh, so all that hair that Daddy is losing in that same spot will grow back too!" Baby B's Mommy and I laughed hysterically but did not have the heart to tell Mike why we were rolling so hard in a restaurant!!!!:) Thank Kyle for a little comic relief on a Friday night and no, Daddy's hair will not grow back without a little Rogaine intervention!

Just for you locals, we went to a local restaurant out next to our lake and it was wonderful! It was opening weekend for the park and we had a great meal in a very family friendly environment:) Loved the potato soup-wish I had some leftovers this morning!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

New Uniforms and a shower of pink

This picture melts my heart. Monday night Mike took Kyle and David to the rec department for uniform night. David was SO EXCITED about his new uniform that he insisted to wear it the remainder of the evening. He even wore it through his Mother's gourmet dinner of pancakes. He is so excited to be on the team! I do not have a schedule yet, but I will post it when we get it:)

(Yes, I did serve my children pancakes for dinner because I do not have any food in the house and I have not mustered the energy to go to the grocery store).

Today was exciting because I spent some time getting beautiful. I got my hair done and then a pedicure. The girls working on me knew that I had a baby shower later in the day. As one was finishing my hair, she said "you look so pretty now all you need to do is get dressed for the party and put some makeup on." How sweet of her EXCEPT I already had my makeup on!!!!!! I had reapplied it so carefully only hours before at the red light on the way to taking the kids to school. I have been so strapped for time lately that my makeup bag has stayed in the car and I apply it on the way in the morning!! Maybe I should rethink this time-saving measure and truly apply it under my vanity lights in the bathroom:)

Later in the day Mike's office hosted a baby shower for us. Mike at first was horrified that his coworkers insisted to do this for us, but finally he relented. Mike works with super nice people and they truly showered us with some pink stuff. Mike and Kyle stayed for a portion of the party and then had to scoot out to a baseball game. His coworkers put out a spread of wonderful food and I really enjoyed myself. You know they are wonderful friends when we all laughed when Mike actually left the party and we joked that now the real party can begin. Mike's coworkers have always been kind to our family and I remember even when we first moved here they were so welcoming and kind. I am glad that he spends his days with sweet people like that. Mike can be ummm, a little intense, and this group of people balance him out nicely:)

I went to the doctor today and no, I am NOT dilated any. WHATEVER. My doctor was so sweet and kind, and just reassured me that this is the hard stretch and to hang in there. He encouraged me to walk to help lower her head and get things moving. He moved the date up and if I have not had her, he will induce me on June 22nd. I was surprised that he offered this because he is wonderful, but he does not have a reputation for intervening often. In a way I am so ready to hold baby girl, but on the other hand the "to do" list is a mile long still to get ready.

Thankfully the boys are out at ballgame tonight and therefore I am off the hook for dinner once again tonight!! Thank goodness, because the Bisquick is all gone:)

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Not Me! Monday!

Welcome to Monday! It is time for me to 'fess up to all that I have "not" been doing over the last week or so.

As you may know from a previous post, my nice camera had some technical issues after a certain little boy dropped it off my bed. I definitely did NOT lose my cool in front of my sweet impressionable children when I realized that it was not working. I am working so hard to raise Godly, kind children that I would never allow them to see or hear Mommy say a few choice words over a material possession:)

I did NOT shamelessly beg Kyle's wonderful teacher to "loop" with him next year:)

I did NOT hack my poor David's hair trying to cut it while he was sleeping to avoid a nightmare trip to the barber. All I can say is praise the Lord it is Tball season and he can wear a cap for a month or so:)

I definitely did NOT go outside in my pj's to speak to the sweet city workers that were cleaning our debris up. Thankfully that night it was yoga pants and a tshirt and I did remember to put a bra on!!

I did NOT laugh hysterically at my David for singing along with the Viva Viagra commercial last night. I then did NOT turn to my husband and demand to know what filthy channel he is allowing them to watch. Come to find out that Viagra commercials are allowed on ESPN:(

That is all I am willing to admit to this Monday-if you catch yourself singing the Viva Viagra commercial as well today you can thank ESPN! I cannot get that darn blasted song out of my head this morning-uggh:)

Simply Devastated

The title just about sums up my righteousness this Saturday. This morning I went to take several pictures of the GORGEOUS quilt that my preschool class made for me to post on the blog, and I realized that my nice camera is having some technical issues. Here we are on the brink of adding a baby to our household and my camera is acting up???!!! My hormones cannot handle this much drama.

Anyway, I have awesome pictures to post on this blog but I cannot due to camera issues. I really wanted to share the PRECIOUS and oh so girly items that we got at the baby shower hosted by several friends. Really, you would not believe how darling and precious these things are. The food and fellowship was wonderful and any anxiety I had about being the center of attention floated away when I opened the first gift. These ladies showered baby Girl with some girly girl stuff and I am simply devastated (I really want to use a harsher word) that I cannot share some pictures:)

Lets just say, that Baby Girl came away from this shower with her own pink bible, luggage set (matching diaper and duffle bag, pacifier pod, and the most precious outfits you can imagine.

I also am simply devastated that David had his first Tball practice this morning and I have no pictures to share. He did well and had fun, but once again no pictures to document this milestone. Mike and Doug had the boys practice base running, and just picture his little legs running those bases!!!! It killed me:) I also stumbled upon Kyle helping him put his cleats on this morning and will forever treasure that memory in my head.

As for now, I have called the camera shop to check their store hours, but I am bedridden for now due to multiple and strong contractions that came this morning. I am in bed on my left side with enough water to float a boat by my side. They have slowed down, but you can imagine my frustration at not being able to get my camera to the shop right now.

This day could frustrate the snot out of me. I am a control freak by nature and there is enough to do around this house to keep an army busy for a day. Baby shower gifts are still out on display, dishes stacked in the sink, clean laundry ready to be put away, etc.., but today I am choosing to not push myself and let it all go. Graciously a neighbor called and offered a playdate for Kyle and then called back and offered to bring us dinner tonight.

I have such a hard time accepting help and why is that?? I guess it goes back to that Super Mommy complex where we feel like we are suppose to act like we have it all under control at all times. Well you know what? Today I have nothing under control-and I am okay admitting that. This week has been crazy. Mike was out of town Thursday night and sure enough David was up all hours with some congestion. I had to be at preschool Friday for the big picnic and David and I stumbled out of the house Friday morning on very little sleep. He made it at school until the teacher called at 1:30 stating that David had a fever. I left the picnic early and picked up my babies for a nap. The mowers then came to mow, but David was so excited to watch them that he never took a nap. Then, later in the evening Kyle had a baseball game and then a birthday party. I need to let this Super Mommy thing GO and be sensible. My children are not going to be irreversible damaged if they do not attend every birthday party in our sweet town. Even though I would have been sad to have missed Kyle's game since he hit two whopping hits, I should have stayed home to rest. Maybe one day I will learn to set limits and be more sensible.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Just Catching Up

Whew-life is flying past so fast right now that I am spending the day today playing catch up after the wildness of the past week or so. I went to the doctor this morning and little Baby Girl is cooking along quite beautifully. Despite lots of contractions I am not dilated as of this morning which is a good thing. In a few weeks I will be dying to be dilated but it is still a little early for her arrival. The doctor did inform me that there is NOTHING he can do to ease the pain where she is sitting on my Siatic nerve. (I know I blew the spelling way off on that one, but you know what I mean:) I am a preschool teacher/Mommmy not MD:) So if you see me hobbling around and rubbing my bottom just forgive me:)

Tomorrow a couple of friends are hosting a luncheon/baby shower for Baby Girl. It should be fun to get together with a dozen or so girlfriends for a girly lunch to honor the arrival of Princess. I hate being the center of attention in situations like this, but my friend Lynn swears it will be painless and pink:) Plus, they are totally serving my favorite quiche in the whole world:)

Here is the exciting news.... David has his first tball practice this Saturday morning at 9 a.m. Mike and a friend, Doug, are coaching a tball team this summer for boys ages 5, 6, and 7. Kyle still makes the cut to play since he is still 7, so both of my boys will be out there with Daddy as co-coach. I am so excited to watch David suit up and practice I can hardly stand it. We have had to hide his cleats and tball pants because he will go missing and come down in them from his room. Don't worry, I will post their schedule on the blog so David's fans can catch him in action. It is really hard, though, because we are all so excited about this opportunity for David that we do not want Kyle to feel that his participation is slighted. Lord knows Kyle gets to do EVERYTHING under the sun (hence my gray hair and ragged appearance from taking him everywhere!)

I know that as David gets older that he MAY not always have the same opportunities as Kyle so while we can, we want him to participate in as much as he can. I literally could weep thinking about him dressed in his little pants and cleats so excited to get to be on the team! It goes without saying that I will post 10 million pics...:)

I am so excited right now also because I just got four new Francine Rivers books to read:) I love a good trip to the library. Lastly our neighborhood sounds like a chorus of chainsaws as the damage from the storm is still being cleaned up. It has amazed me to watch these tree people working systematically to chunk up these huge trees.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Not Me! Monday!

After the craziness of this past weekend, my nerves are a tad gone and my body is tired from all the manual labor we have done to clean up the mess from the storm. Overall we had a great Mother's Day weekend, and yesterday it was wonderful to go to my grandparents lake house and get away from the "rubberneckers" (more on this to come-basically we live in a tiny cul-de-sac with four other houses and we are not used to people driving by. But evidently the whole town drove by yesterday while we were gone to the lake:)

But, on to the important issues at hand-Not Me! Monday! I guess truly with my overactive hormones, this list could be a mile long, but I will keep it short and sweet:)

I did NOT laugh hysterically at my husband over his purchase of a chain saw yesterday. Mike took this storm as an opportunity to make this manly purchase and I truly had no idea what a rite of passage it really was:) Hallmark should definitely branch out and make a card for the occasion:) Seriously-Dr. Mike was pumped about all the cutting and stuff that he was doing.

I did NOT yell at a neighbor's dog to "hush up "rite" now" from my bedroom window This tiny little yappy dog is fenced in outside our bedroom window. In the afternoons I enjoy a little quiet reading time after preschool. On Friday, I drifted off to sleep and was woken up by this obnoxious dog (who has sweet wonderful owners). Just also know that I know how to spell the word right, I just wanted you to get a flavor for how I yelled it out my window in my sleepy stupor:)

I did NOT allow a preschooler to take his shoes off because I was tired of tying the same pair of shoes 6 million times in one hour. I would never slack on a necessary preschool teachable moment for this little boy and neglect to teach him how to tie his shoes:)

I did NOT wear my school visitor badge into Walmart and various other errands to cover a pizza stain on my shirt. Better to let the town think that I am a super volunteer versus just a messy eater:)

I did NOT with two other little league moms get into a verbal "discussion" with another coach on the baseball field over the "rules" of the game during the game.

I did NOT glare at a rubbernecker that drove by the house yesterday. I know that our little neighborhood was hit super hard and it is interesting to see 60 foot trees down, but come on-leave us alone! My kids are not used to navigating cars and they thought everyone coming by yesterday was a friend and ran towards the cars! We had several friends stop by early Saturday morning which my kids thought was fun, but by last night there were only "rubberneckers" and I was tired and just wanted to sit in my chair outside and blog-I resented having to put aside my super serious blogging to chat with random people about the damage.

Whew-that was great therapy for this Monday. Do you have anything you need to get off of your chest??? Have a great Monday!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Oh What a Night

Friday night was a typical Friday night-Kyle had a baseball game and David stayed home and went swimming with some friends. We got home and Mike saw that we were under a tornado warning for our area. Frankly I blew it off, but within an hour we were scrambling around the house moving children downstairs and finding candles because we were in the midst of a bad storm. Our windows started shaking and rattling and we got pelted with hail. It was relatively short-lived, and within 30 minutes Mike and I were walking around the yard with flashlights in total disbelief. This storm/tornado took down major trees and lots of our neighbors had major damage as well. I think pictures will sum it up best.

Thankfully my parents were available to help with the cleanup process and it took all of us to get some normalcy back to our house:( The boys and I are blogging to you from my parents house because we have had no power since the storm. Any idea that I could be Amish was shot down today. I knew we had no power, but I kept turning on lights all day! We could not pressure-wash or anything like that due to no electricity. We were able to clean most of it with a hose and a broom. It will take us a long time to get back to normal, and our neighborhood looks so different with so many huge old trees down. Mike is staying in our house to hold the fort down:)

This is a big pine tree in our front/side yard that got the top sliced out of it.

Big big tree

Right after the storm Mike and I ventured outside and found this hail on our porch.

The tornado/storm came right across our yard and here is a picture of the damage from this angle of the house. Check out my Honda:( We just recently had the house pressure washed, uggh. I will truly not whine one iota, I promise, because as you can plainly see from this picture, the big, big trees that came down could have landed on a house or a car and thankfully it was all spared. Despite all the damage, no one's property or cars were damaged and we all feel that God took care of us in the neighborhood.

This is one of the other huge trees that just split in two.

GG and David posing with the big root!

60 Foot trees fell to the ground but somehow these little baby birds in their nest made it through the storm safe and sound. We found them today during cleanup and we were so amazed that they made it-their nest was in the path of the storm/tornado and somehow they survived:)

Thursday, May 7, 2009


I believe I tweeted a week or so ago about my new obsession with author, Francine Rivers. She deserves her own post sometime about what an amazing author she is, but today I will not digress!!!:)

I recently read her novella about Mary, Jesus' mother. I was consumed with this book and could not put it down! It is a biblically correct version of Mary's life as Jesus' mother. It made her story so much more alive to me than any bible study or sermon ever has. Do you know how hard it must have been to have watched your son crucify on a cross when you as his mother knew he was The Messiah?! I can barely handle my son getting a scratch on him without losing it, and she watched at the foot of the cross as her son was beaten, nailed on a cross, and died?!

I feel that my timing on reading that book was a perfect prelude to Mother's Day this year. I would like for it to be all about me (you know since I am very pregnant and a tad whiny these days) but I think God wanted to remind me about a very important mother this year at Mother's Day-Mary.

Mary was every bit as human as the moms that I know in carpool, but was given the honor to birth and raise the Messiah! Sometimes we celebrate the birth of Jesus at Christmas and do not think much about all those years that she and Joseph raised him with their other brood of children, knowing he was the Messiah, but waiting for the time to come for Him to reign. What an amazing story that only God could weave together.

The above video is called Mary and is so awesome-it also highlights and honors mothers all around the world. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

Mother's Day is so hard sometimes because I have always enjoyed the attention that my boys have showered upon me, but I also know deep in my heart that there are woman out there that are desperate to get to be a Mommy.

You see, Mike and I were told about 9 years ago that we would have difficulty conceiving a baby on our own. I remember that pit of disappointment and yes, bitterness in my stomach even today. I never take motherhood lightly because I know how close I was to not getting to join the Mommy club and my heart is tendered to couples that desperately want to conceive. The irony is not lost on us that we are just weeks away from having a third blessing added to our life, when as newlyweds we thought parenting would be a difficult and expensive process for us. Once again, God cares about the big and small details of our life and we owe Him the glory for this:)

I will post a Francine Rivers post soon as I gobble up more of her books. She started as a secular author and then a neighborhood boy invited her and her husband to church one day and God has been the author of her life ever since. Check her out! You will never be bored studying a character in the bible from her books:)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Salute to Motherhood

I am dragging today. Really, I am so tired and feeling a little maxed out. Baby Girl and I are fine, it is just this time of year. Every Mom I know feels this pinch of too much to do with very precious time to finish it. School backpacks are overflowing with last minute project assignments, field trip request forms, and other stuff that deserves a moment of thought. Then add spring sports schedules, and other evening activities and it could send a Mom right over the edge.

I lamented to my boys this morning that I am so ready to spend the summer with them and Kyle piped up and said "yeah, Mom you are just ready not to yell at us to get our teeth brushed in the morning!"

To celebrate the pinch we all feel this time of year and to start the celebration of Mother's Day a little early, I felt compelled to post this HILARIOUS little video. I think it will resonate with us all as we run this gauntlet called motherhood:) Enjoy-I laughed myself silly.

p.s. I laughed so hard when she sang about your father's DNA:)

Monday, May 4, 2009

It's Back! Not Me! Monday

MckMama on her blog has taken a 6 week hiatus from Not Me Monday due to a serious hospitalization for her youngest bambino. Good news is that her youngest is home and doing well, so Not Me Monday is back in the saddle.

Let me refresh your Not Me Monday memories! This is the opportunity to tell on yourself with brutal honestly and then simply wash it all away by saying that it was not you! Being honest is good for the soul and then allowing the blog world to share it with you is even more therapeutic! Here goes:

I am definitely NOT relishing in the fact that every light in my house is on right now! My tree hugger husband is away for the evening and will not come behind me turning off every darn blasted light:)

I definitely did not choose to leave the bed unmade this morning because I knew I would jump right back in it after preschool:)

I definitely did not get my picture taken for the local paper in an 8 year-old maternity shirt from Sears!! Just because I am super pregnant does not mean that I should not care about my appearance:)

I definitely did not make a chocolate cake yesterday because it was my favorite and then blame it on nesting. (I will publish the recipe in a later blog post because frankly it is too good to keep a secret!)

I definitely did not lose my temper with my sweet grandmother who continually calls my cell phone thinking it is my home number. She gets so aggravated that I do not call her back but that is because she is calling the wrong number!!!! I even had her write the correct number down and during preschool this morning my phone rang and guess who it was-my grandmother!!!!

Oh, I feel so much better!! Confession is good for the soul. Go ahead, confess your Not Me Mondays and lets all feel better!!!!:)

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sweet legs

This picture totally melts my heart:) David is planning to play Tball this summer on Daddy's team, and he is SO EXCITED! We recently bought his first pair of cleats and when I brought them home for him to try on, he refused to take them off and insisted to wear them to Kyle's baseball game. David's legs have always been so sweet to me, and coupled with these tough big boy cleats just does me in!

This weekend has been blessedly low key with rainy weather. We watched Marley and Me as a family last night and I have been trying to recover from allergies/sinus infection. I am struggling not with pregnancy but with allergies. Friday night we went to Kyle's baseball game and by the time we got home I could barely breathe. I just caved and bought some Claritin and pray that it will help:) I hate to take any medicine while pregnant, but I think it is more harmful to baby Girl for mommy to not be able to breathe than to take a medicine that my OB has cleared for me to take.

I will post some baseball pics of Kyle later on this week as well as some pics of the March of Dimes Walk that we got to participate in yesterday. (Well let me clarify- Mike and Kyle walked and David, Baby Girl, and I socialized and left before the walk!) What a neat experience since Mike was chosen to be the honorary chair of the event. Meeting the ambassador families and seeing how tiny these babies were at birth and how well they are thriving now was amazing to see. It was a great event and we got our picture taken for the paper:( I told the camera lady from the paper that I thought I was too pregnant for a photo op, and she not only disagreed but she even made me stand sideways in the picture so my baby belly would show! Uggh-I might just leave the paper in the box this week:)

We are coming oh so close on a name for Baby Girl and I cannot wait to share it when we finalize!!!:)

Friday, May 1, 2009

Wild Ride

The term "wild ride" can easily sum up our month of May. Our calendar is full of evening meetings and out of town trips for Mike-his job is definitely in high gear this time of year. Kyle's baseball and swimming schedule is full but tons of fun for us as a family, we are going through the IEP and triennial process for David now which equates out to lots of meetings to get David a solid plan for next year, and I am desperately trying to finish preschool having all my lessons plans checked off before the end of the year.

Some mornings I just want to bury my head when Mike sweetly wakes me up every morning. I am officially to that stage of this pregnancy when I am feeling Baby Girl's every move and quite frankly I feel very pregnant. I am still having contractions pretty much daily BUT thankfully they are not worrisome to my doctor.

Despite the wild ride this next month possibly could be, I am trying so hard to relish every movement Baby Girl makes instead of complaining how often I am in the bathroom! I am trying so hard to relish this time as a family of four before we become an even busier family of five. Even though I feel super pregnant and really uncomfortable I know that this time will also slip away quickly. I never want to forget the amazing feeling of having a baby tenderly roll in your womb.

I went and visited my friend Samantha's newest addition, Baby B and could barely give him back after I held him for a long time. If he had not needed his Mommy for eating time, who knows how long I would have sat there and held him. There is nothing like a newborn baby...

Please think of Kyle today and say a prayer for him. Today is his first field trip without a parent and he is nervous. As you all know Kyle is my Momma's boy and events like this stress him out. He is excited to go to the see the move Earth with his class, but he would be much happier if I was loading the bus with him this morning:) With so few days left of preschool I feel that I cannot miss to go with him and Mike has a Swine Flu meeting or something! Have a great day:)