Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Tonight Mike and I are sitting with our Rock Star. He is exhausted after his early morning and his long day. He has felt good today and overall had a good day:) Tomorrow is his first day of radiation and we are feeling good about the fact that it is a low dose. We did just get the news that the oncologist is worried that he is not drinking enough and that his urine is showing that there is a little stress on his good kidney so we will be here through the weekend. I am disappointed but not shocked:(

So Mike will head to Marion this weekend to participate in the Thomas Musser Mr. Strong walk with Team David and to coach Kyle's basketball tournament. GG, Pops, and Hope will be coming here with me and Rock Star. I wish we were all coming home, but we just want our Rock Star to feel better and be safe.

Tonight Mike was watching ESPN and the Jimmy V speech from 1993 came on to launch the Jimmy V week on ESPN. Mike and I were both spell bound and emotional watching that emotional speech. Mike has seen it several times and actually remembers watching it live in 1993. This was really the first time Ihave watched it and tears streamed down my face. I love his motto of "Don't give up...Don't ever give up" and that means so much to us tonight as we are facing radiation tomorrow.

We are determined to fight this Goliath with everything we have. With our prayer warriors and our Jesus we will never give up and always have hope. Thanks in advance for the love and prayers going into radiation tomorrow. I will update the blog after it is over:) Good night from Party Central.

Revolving Door

This Momma is wiped out. Today is day #14 of this nightmare but how can you be sad or down when you see:

This little angel jamming with Chris Tomlin on Youtube to Our God! He loves this song and it has been our anthem the last few days. Don't you also love his deer hunter shirt from Shane? David is truly good medicine for us-he makes us smile and laugh all day long:)

This morning he was scheduled to leave the room at 8:30 for his radiation simulation. Basically they were putting him to sleep to do a CT scan to see where to radiate his abdomen. From the CT scan, they marked his abdomen up with a sharpie for the actual radiation tomorrow. He could not eat anything because he was going to be sedated but we thought that he would still be asleep and it would not be hard for him to go without food. Well, guess who woke up at 4 a.m.??? So, to kill time and to distract from hunger pains, we played and we drew some pictures on his cool dry erase board-don't you love his ghost??

Amazingly at 8:30 a.m. they came to transport him across the street to the new Emily Couric Cancer Center for radiation. They had to transport us in an ambulance to literally go across the street. It was so frustrating to wait an hour after the procedure was over for the ambulance to come back for us. It was a lesson in patience for this Momma:) I finally told Mike "to grab him and I would grab the IV pole" I was so desperate to get him out of there. About the time I was going to grab my baby up and take matters in my own hands, they came for us.

AS you can see he did not mind our short ride in the ambulance and was way more interested in playing his Ipod:) He is such a brave trooper.

Being in the Emily Couric Center was a reality check for me. It is such a beautiful new facility but it was so heart breaking for me to see all the patients young and old there for radiation treatment to eradicate cancer. I saw these people in a new light now due to our recent nightmare. Instead of seeing bald heads and thin people, I saw beautiful, brave warriors. I bawled when we first got in there because it is still overwhelming that someone in my immediate family is fighting cancer. Two weeks ago right now my life was still perfectly normal. This time two weeks ago I was sitting with Kyle at the orthodontist. In two weeks my life has changed dramtically and I am still suffering from whiplash.

But as you can see, David is still being David:) Here he is hiding from his nurse behind the recliner chair in our room!! He was being silly and here he is hiding from her! He would pop out and see "hello nurse" and then hide again! We all just belly laughed at him!! As you can see he is not phased by any of this and that makes him my hero.

After we returned to our room around lunchtime I have been focused on catching David up on his drinking and calories for the day. Because he was sedated for most of the morning, we need to play catchup:) Since we have returned, however, this room has been a revolving door of professionals. Most days it does not bother me, but today I just want to be quiet with my boy. I know the professionals are here to do their job and we are getting excellent care, but today this Momma is tired of the revolving door of professionals.

Mike and I are hunkered down in 7 central nursing our baby. We are kind of being meanie parents pushing food and drink on him. Let me be clear that Mike is doing a wonderful job of tough loving David to eat and drink. I cannot be hard core with him, but Mike is and David is going to be so much stronger because of all the calories and fluids that Mike is getting in him. We are a good pair for David because I love and pet on him and Mike can take a stand to help him get better. Mike is such an awesome Daddy to David. He is way stronger than I would ever think to be. He is doing an awesome job of balancing his job from here and loving on our David. There are times that I blank out when professionals come in here and Mike handles it all.

I have received so many emails and cards speaking of our strong faith. Mike and I both want to be clear that we are weak, scared, and tired parents. The only strength we have is from the Lord. He and David are the mighty warriors here and we are simply loving on our baby and clinging to Jesus. Today entering that Emily Couric cancer center was a slap in the face for me, but like always Jesus was there:)

Tomorrow is the big day for radiation so please continue to pray our Rock Star-we covet your prayers to get through the next two weeks of this intense therapy. Much love from Party Central:)

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

What a Day

Today has been a long one here in Party Central. The morning started out rough with some serious sickness from the Rock Star. He was crying and moaning that his bottom hurt because the chemical from the chemo had burned his bottom during a bowel movement. I got so upset but I did not have time to wallow in my own pity because Pops and I were focused on keeping our boy comfortable. He had already thrown up on Mike and then when Mike stepped out to get his shower that is when he had a rough time with us.

Finally after a big bowel movement (sorry if this is too much info) he fell fast asleep and napped well. He woke up a different boy and has been a happy clam this evening. We are all over his eating and drinking and we finally coerced/bribed him to eat four chicken nuggets, a salad and a few sips of his shake. Anything we can get in him is awesome. The nutritionist is all over his case monitoring his intake so he will not lose more weight.

I will admit that this morning while he was moaning and so pitiful I was rattled. It was really the first time that I was frustrated at myself for being so weak. My baby was in pain and I just wanted to lay in the floor with him and cry. But, this is so not about me so I prayed silently and urgently for strength and once again God's grace was sufficient. Several folks started texting me mid-afternoon when I had not updated blog or facebook with an update. I was a rattled and scared Momma watching my baby be sick. One of the nurses (one of our favorites) came and talked to me tonight and really encouraged me that we are being good nurses to our Rock Star. Just a few words of encouragement meant so much and once again God provided me with some much needed words of encouragement.

Tomorrow he will do a trial run radiation session. His official radiation will start Thursday, but tomorrow they will sedate him (with the Michael Jackson drug) and then they will mark his abdomen as to where to radiate. They must sedate him so they can keep him still enough to radiate exactly where they need to. I am anxious about the radiation but I am at total peace that this is the right treatment option. I hate for him to endure additional treatments, but I keep cheering that old school cheer of ''be aggressive'' about this nightmare. You only get one chance to treat it the first time, so Mike and I want them to hit it hard.

Tonight I ran into Old Navy to buy a few Christmas presents. The lady in front of me had two cute girls probably around age 8. The girls were buying matching outfits for twin day tomorrow at their school. I just wanted to bawl out of jealousy. I know it is totally trivial and one day soon I too can shop for something fun and frivolous, but tonight was the first time that I had a pity party. I was buying additional underwear for David because he keeps getting sick and we keep running out and she was buying cute Hello Kitty shirts:) I know there will be more moments like tonight where exhaustion and fear overcome me, but Rock Star and I just keep singing our current favorite song of ''Our God'' You cannot be sad when you are rocking out with your seven year old to some christian praise music!!!

So tonight I am at the RMH house doing some laundry and I have my sassy pink bible with me. I am clinging to the promises in God's word knowing that he knows the fear and desperation in my heart. He knows how much I love David and amazingly He loves him even more. He too was sad when David was uncomfortable today but he keeps whispering in my ear to ''be still dear Laura and know that I am God."

I know that our God is never going to leave us here in this nightmare. I know that He loves us and is tenderly wiping our tears away, and one day soon I too will get to buy a cute and frivolous outfit for my Rock Star:) Keep the faith and prayers dear friends, and know that:

Our god is Greater
Our God is stronger
God you are higher than any other
Our God is healer,
Awesome in power
Our God, Our God

I hope to video Rock Star singing that sometime soon. He can certainly rock it!! Good night from the RMH house:)

Reality Check

This morning has been rough. Rock Star is definitely feeling the effects of the chemo coupled with the fact that his bowels are finally woken up from the big surgery. He has had lots of loose bowels this morning which has hurt his bottom. At this point his output has chemo chemicals in it, so his little bottom is raw:( He finally had a big poop, threw up and has had a nap so hopefully we are past it.

This morning it has been painful and sad to watch him be so sick. It has been a reality check for me that chemo is grueling and hard and it is going to knock my baby for a loop. Tomorrow we are having a practice radiation session with the first session scheduled for Thursday. I believe the next two weeks of treatment are going to be brutal so please keep praying for strength for Rock Star.

Eating and drinking enough is the challenge now because he is basically refusing. At first I thought he had lost only three pounds, but the nutritionist came by today and said that it was three kilos he has lost which is six pounds. Ouch-that makes this Momma nervous. The nutritionist said that David is on her radar and she is stopping by often to touch base with us. Have I mentioned how awesome this place is?? :)

I got to visit with Lynn today who stopped by. It was nice to catch up with news from home and we are SO excited about Team David in the Thomas Musser walk this weekend. Thank you all so much for being on Team David and for the Mussers to allow our team to participate in the walk:) I cannot wait to see pictures!!!!!!!!!

So today we are holding on and loving on our sick baby. He is sick and we have had lots of professionals in here today. That part is overwhelming but I know they are here to help us:) Keep praying and knowing that this Momma is clinging to Jesus today as I watch my baby suffer side effects of the chemicals that can save his life. It has been stressful and emotional day but I enjoyed a visit from a friend and now David's is jamming in music therapy:) Keep praying dear friends-our God is here and working!!!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Love From Home

Our Rock Star is hanging on tonight after a big day of chemo. He acted like he wanted to get sick earlier, but thankfully he curled up in my lap and went to sleep. He is taking Zofran every four hours to help curb the sickness from chemo.

We had several teacher visitors today!! Thanks ladies for stopping by:)

Here is David with Ms. Kilby from CES. Her husband Keith was one of the nurses that was working in our ER when we got the devastating news about David. I think he held me while I cried. They are special people and we love them so. She came today bearing gifts from home:) Have we mentioned how rotten this boy is?!

Your gifts, cards, books, and homemade cards like this one mean so much to us. Isn't this card adorable? We love it! We are slowly working on our thank you notes, but until we get them all done, just know we are so apprecitative of all the love. Mail time is exciting around here:) We read every card and they make us smile. Smyth County you all know how to show a family some love and stand in the gap. We are proud to call it home.

Kelley Crewey from Chilhowie made these Team David cupcakes!! Aren't they adorable? We have shared some with our favorites nurses and 7 Central is on a sugar high tonight!:) These are beautiful and we also love the whoopie pies. Thanks so much!!!!

David has felt like rocking on on Youtube today, and the song of the day is Our God by Chris Tomlin. If you have not listened to this song, pull it up on Youtube and enjoy it! David can rock it!! He knows every word:) We had a nurse tonight say that she loves to come into our room and sing along with christian music with us.

Rock On Baby! Our God is greater, Our God is stronger, God you are higer than any other, Our God is healer, Awesome in power, Our God, Our God. This is a perfectly awesome song to sing as we start this next chapter of chemo/radiation in our fight against Goliath. Good night from Party Central!


Today has been a pretty busy day here in Party Central. Pops has been here with me and Rock Star and Mike is already on his way back here. So far today....

David and Pops have played many heated games of Chutes and Ladders. I hate to brag but David has won the last three games:)

He has watched Lion King (again) on this portable DVD player.

He even went to school this morning. Here he is with his teacher doing addition on an Ipad. He was so indepenent and did not want Mom or Pops to escort him for his first real day of school:) It was so touching to see him walking with the teacher down the hall in his pj's and with his IV pole. I am so blown away each and everyday how he takes this all in stride. He is truly our brave Rock Star and I am one proud Momma.

The other big news of the day was that he completed his first day of chemo. Here is Nurse Erin injecting the first medicine through his port. Both drugs were administered in under 15 minutes and it was very anti-climatic. I just watched that medicine going in and prayed over it that it would do its job:) I cannot express the peace that I have had today. I thought I would be a nervous wreck and be very emotional, but I was the complete opposite. I feel the Lord's peace here with me. He knows how scared I am and his Grace has truly been sufficient for me. Today David and I have been singing the song "Our God"

Our God is Greater

Our God is Stronger

God you are higher than any other

Our God is healer

Awesome in power

Our God, our God.

David adores that song and we have been singing it all day here in Party Central. I think it is perfectly appropriate song for our first day of chemo. Chris Tomlin (one of my favorites) sings it and it has really spoken to me today.

To celebrate the first day of chemo Mommy went out and bought him a cheeseburger and fries from Wendy's with a Frosty!!! I met with the nutritionist today and the name of the game is high calorie food! He has already lost three pounds being here and considering he will probably lose more over the course of chemo then we need to be vigiliant about pushing food and fluids on our Rock Star.

We have had a good but busy day here in Party Central. So far David is tolerating the chemo well, but the oncologist (still hate that word) says that it could be a day or two before the side effects kick in. We are so proud of our brave Rock Star and we appreciate all the prayers, love and concern from you all.

Mike and I have been blown away and so touched by your support and love for our David. Thank you for approaching the Throne of Grace on our David's behalf and remembering him in your prayers. Thank you for the calls, texts, fb messages, and emails. Even if we do not respond, just know that we read everyone of them and they do boost us and make us smile:) We feel your love and we cannot wait to come home to Smyth County with our Rock Star:)

Today is the Day

Just a brief update after all the doctor consults this morning. The surgeon that did DAvid's surgery came by and is pleased with how strong and well he is doing. Everyone is concerned that he is not eating or drinking much but we are trying. He is on IV fluids now to prep for chemo so he is staying hydrated. The only thing he seems excited to eat is Dunkin Donuts so at least they are high calorie!

At this point the order has been placed for chemo and he started IV fluids and Zofran which is an anti-nausea medicine. He will get both before each treatment. They drew blood already for chemo off of his port-a-cath this morning so we are all ready to roll.

I must tell you two stories of God's grace and mercy to us here. I have been so worried about the port-a-cath being painful to him. We really had no choice but to put it in, but it has worried me so much. His nurse last night actually suffers from Chrohn's Disease and she herself has a port!! I talked to her so much about it and she made me feel so good about it. She says that it is truly the way to go and will avoid lots of painful sticks. It was such a blessing to talk to her last night and then this morning she came to draw blood and he slept through the entire thing. Sure beats those painful blood draws last week where we all had to hold him down.

I was not sad at all that we did not get to have a traditional Thanksgiving meal. That meal is not my favorite but I do love some pumpkin pie. It hit me yesterday that I never got a bite of pumpkin pie but last night when I went to the RMH for a shower a local bakery was delivering pies and guess which one I got?!! You guessed it a pumpkin pie!:) It was so good that I even had a bite for breakfast this morning:)

I know those are two little examples but we see God's hand at work here so that is why I have so much peace today as we start our big battle again Goliath. We must start to finish:) Rock Star is doing great. We actually have had to hide his red wheel chair because he is feeling well enough to hop in that thing and take off! HA! He is back to his strong-willed self and we LOVE it.

I will update later after the treatment ends. Keep praying but know that this Momma is at peace. We love our Jesus and we love our Rock Star. My other two babes are home and in good hands and all is well here from PArty Central.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Mr. Rockstar

Today is so beautiful here in Wahooland. Check out Mr. Rock Star's muscles!!!

I had to do laundry last night at the RMH house so he could wear his Rock Star shirt AGAIN today. It is the coolest shirt because it has an amp in it and you literally strum the guitar on the shirt and you can rock on. It is loud!

Don't you love this picture that Jason got of David??!!! David called Jason and Ashley last night and said "may I can you come see me?" So guess who came down today for another visit and bearing gifts of homemade lasagna!! He is soooo rotten:)

So today has been a great day of rest and healing. We have bribed David to drink using Youtube as his reward. Last night he had to be hooked up to IV because he did not drink enough yesterday. He MUST be well hydrated to start his chemo tomorrow afternoon. The oncologist today said that his first round of chemo will start tomorrow afternoon and it will be administered right here in the room. I know this sounds weird, but I can't wait to see the IV bag of chemo so I can pray over it. I just keep visualizing those strong chemicals wiping out these circles of cancer on my baby's lungs. My God is bigger than cancer cells:)

So here is Mr. Rock Star watching Lion King (again) with his two favorite band members-AShley and Jason:) We are doing exactly what the oncologist told us to do-rest and hydrate for tomorrow.

Mike took Kyle and Hope home to Marion to meet my Mom and grandmother. It was hard saying goodbye to them, but I had peace about it. I know they are going to be in good hands and I know that David needs me right now. Mom will be in Marion all week with them. Mike is going to check in at work tomorrow and come back tomorrow afternoon in time for the chemo. He is such a good Daddy and until today has yet to leave his side.

Speaking of Mike, today is our 12th anniversary! I cannot believe that 12 years ago we were getting all dolled up to say our sacred vowels. We do not have a perfect marriage but we are in it for the long haul:) I have fallen in love with him all over again watching him tenderly care for our baby. He is a wonderful, selfless Daddy to our babes.

Twelve years ago we were living here in Charlottesville and it is so full circle that here on our 12th anniversary we are back here with our sick babe. I think back on 12 years of marriage and I am once again reminded of God's faithfulness to our marriage. Anyone that knows us well or spends time with us knows that we are both strong-willed but we love our kiddos. Mike has texted me from the dug out of a ball game before telling me to quit yelling! Ha! We do not have a perfect marriage but we are perfect for each other. He is a wonderful Christian man and he takes his Jesus and his kids seriously. We have held each other tight over the last 10 days being strong for each other. When we said "for better or for worse" in our marriage vows I never imagined that we would be standing over our baby's hospital bed talking chemo and radiation.

Mike is a "stick to it" kind of man and I never doubt his loyalty and committment to our family. He works like a dog running the school system and still makes time to be full involved in his kids' lives. He is the hard core disciplinarian where I am more laid back and nurturing. We do the "good cop, bad cop" thing well:) So Happy Anniversary Mike Robinson!!! I love you and I would say yes again!

When I know more details about tomorrow I will update the blog. We have just been in a holding pattern this weekend to allow David to rest and get strong to take down this Goliath. I am somewhat anxious about tomorrow in terms of the side effects, but I am at peace that it must be done. God has provided so much peace to us throughout this nightare. Keep praying dear friends and when I know more specifically about the time tomorrow I will update blog.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

VT Day

Today has been another wonderful day of healing and resting here in Party Central. Here is a sweet picture of David and Hope after their baths in their Hokie attire!:) We were all geared up for a visit from the Hokie Bird that sadly did not happen. We were called earlier this week by an official person from VT who arranged a visit from the Hokie Bird. We think they must have gotten stuck in traffic or time must have gotten too close to the game. David handled it well, but Kyle was pretty frustrated.

I love these sweet faces:) David has had a good day today. He is still remaining unplugged and the goal for him this weekend is to just heal from the surgery and get his strength back to start chemo on Monday. We have been distracted in a good way here this weekend with Kyle and Hope's visit. I will miss them so much when they go tomorrow but I know they need to get back to their routine and I need to focus on David in case he has adverse reactions to the chemo.

These two have had such fun this weekend with all the toys in here. They have really enjoyed the playdough from the school here.

We have all enjoyed playing with this huge Pumba that Jason and AShley got David. It toots and talks and the kids love it.

These two have been inseperable today:)

I will miss this sweet girl but she will be in Marion this week with her GG and Kyle. Mike is going to take them to Marion tomorrow and come back Monday for the chemo. My Dad is going to stay here with me and Rock Star.

It is still hard to grasp that this healthy looking, angel-face has cancer. He is feeling so good and he has played hallway soccer and basketball with his siblings. We are so proud of how brave he is. He is my hero.

Hokie boys ready for the big game. I usually am glued to the TV during the Hokie games, but my heart was not into this one this year. I am glad that they won, but I watched it at the Ronald McDonald house while I caught up on our laundry. Speaking of Ronald MCDonald house, I met a Mom there today who has a daughter with Leukemia and who also has Down Syndrome. I met her years ago at a Roanoke Down Syndrome event. Her daughter is here in bad shape suffering from a terrible reaction to the chemo. Her daughter's name is Emily and will you pray for her as well? She is 10 years old:)

Brittany Clawson stopped by today and DAvid enjoyed playing with her phone:) Thanks Brittany for the visit!

Family photo shot of Party Central. Hope was napping in our extra bed, David was snuggled on my lap, and Kyle was snuggled in David's bed. Typical family activity of watching of football but in a very unlikely place.

PArdon how terrible and pale I look, but here is me with my Rock Star. He is REALLY into snuggling these days, so if he asks Mom obliges:) Have we mentioned how rotten he is?????

I have to admit that as Monday creeps closer I get more and more anxious about what we are facing. This has been the biggest faith strengthener for me as I am so weak with fear here. The strength that we have had here has come from God. We know that he is sustaining us and he knows our hearts. I have so far to go in my walk with God and my knowledge of the bible but at least through all the Beth Moore bible studies I have done over the years I have learned so much about God and his might that I know what my God is capable of doing.

We know that God has this situation in the palm of his hand. We know that God is not going to leave us here in this nightmare alone. We also know that He is so happy how many people are using our nightmare to approach his Throne on David's behalf. He has been so faithful to us here and he will be faithful to you to in your darkest times. My prayers each day are so basic as I plead for strength for us and healing for David. Very few words have been needed in my talks with the Lord.

So as you continue to lift Our Rock Star in prayer please pray specifically:

That David will tolerate chemo and suffer very few adverse reactions.

Traveling mercies for Mike and kiddos tomorrow.

For radiation on Thursday that he will suffer very few adverse reactions.

That all these treatments will target the cancer and melt it away.

We pray that God will use our nightmare for His glory. We know he loves our David even more than we do:)

Thank you dear friends and family-good night from Party Central:)

Morning Report

We are all dressed up in our VT gear (except mike of course) ready for the visit from the Hokie Bird! Charlottesville is buzzing with the excitement about the game today and Mr. Rock Star is all geared up in his VT jersey ready to celebrate another VT win over the Wahoos. (Cheap shot I know):)

We are amazed at how well David has healed from this major surgery he just had. Except for being a little skinny you would never know he has cancer. It still rattles me to see that word and DAvid's name in the same sentence. Sigh.

We have certainly enjoyed being together as a family here in Party Central. It is busy here with all five of us in here, but it lightens our weary hearts to be together. David has enjoyed having his siblings here and it has been good medicine for all of us.

Several have asked about Kyle. We think Kyle is handling this with grace and strength but he has asked Mike a lot of questions. Kyle has sat in on doctor consults and he has learned a lot. He is so awesome to get David out in the hallway to play hoops or soccer. I am convinced that David is healing so much better because Kyle has forced him to get up and play. Kyle has had some belly issues which we think is stress and anxietyy. My Mom will be coming to Marion on Sunday to stay there with Hope and Kyle so they can be at their own house. Kyle should be in school this week. The Grubbs have offered to drive Kyle to school so GG does not have to get up and get Hope ready to drive him to school. We are so appreciative of everyone's kindness.

Mike plans to come to Marion for a day or two this week and my Dad will take his place and come be with me and Rock Star. Dave certainly loves his Pops so it will work out well. I will be here with Rock Star for the next two weeks while he endures chemo and radiation. We are trying so hard not to be anxious about the upcoming treatments. The oncologist (still hate that word) said that his chemo will be administered right here in this room and will be like any other medicine going into his port-a-cath. This all still blows my mind:(

We are holding on here. I know our lives will never be the same from this point on. In some ways that is not a bad thing. I think Mike and I have seen first hand when times have been so tough here that we have clung to our faith, our family, and our friends. Material possessions, silly bickerings, and other superficial things seem so unimportant and silly now and we are even more committed because of this nightmare to live our lives for Christ. He has been so faithful to us that from this point on we must be more faithful to Him.

Go Hokies from Party Central! We will post pictures from our big visitor this evening:)

Friday, November 25, 2011

Day of Healing

Today we have had a day of healing. Dave has healed so nicely today and even felt like getting in the floor and playing with Hope with all of our new toys:) They actually fought over a toy and we all just smiled!! For once I relished the sound of sibling fights over a toy. Praise to you Lord!! A week or two I would have been annoyed at having to referee, but today this Momma loved it:) A week in this place drastically changes your outlook on life.

A little Lego action:)

These two best friends have certainly missed each other. It has been busy here in Party Central today but we have really enjoyed having Kyle and Hope here. Tonight Mike and Kyle snuck out to the UVA basketball game to get a little fresh air. Tomorrow I hope to take Kyle and Hope out to lunch. We are trying to spend time with them while we are still here nursing Dave back to health. Because the next two weeks are going to be grueling with radiation and chemo and we have to be here for David and they have to go back, then we are enjoying our time together.

These brothers have certainly enjoyed some quiet moments together.

Giggling and smiles in DAvid's bed. It has taken Hope a day or two to warm up to this hospital setting, but now she looks beyond the tubes, beeps, and strange nurses and climbs up in the bed to play with her best friend. They are snuggled right now watching Beauty and the Beast (again).

I love this picture so much:) Watching the love between our children today has helped heal our sadness and help us forget about what we have facing us. Mike and I both had a down day yesterday and today we have just smiled watching our children interact and enjoy.

Speaking of visits, THREE of David's teachers came down to see him today. We were so touched that they love David enough to drive here to see him. Here is David with Mr. Nutter:) David of course had to wear his hat for the picture! Ha!

It is so hard to be sad here. We are scared, worried, anxious about the upcoming treatments, and overall exhausted, but it is so hard to stay down now that DAvid is back to his silly self. He constantly makes us laugh and it is so awesome to see his stubborn side come out. He is in great shape considering the major surgery he just had 7 days ago. The lymphatic fluid tube is out, he has been drinking enough today to stay unplugged from his IV and he is not on any constant monitors. He is unplugged and able to get up and play. This has healed our sorrow so much to see him active, playing, and happy. He was SO happy to see his teachers today.

Miss Alley and Mrs. Hubble came down today for a visit. It was so wonderful to see DAvid light up when they walked in. These ladies are awesome and we all love them.

We were so touched and appreciative of their visit today. It is so healing to our hearts to remember through our visits from home how loved this boy is and how many people are praying for him. Visitors from home tell us stories of how many prayer lists David is on and how many people are sporting the David buttons. This heals our hearts to remember that we are not alone. God is always with us and is truly comforting us during this nightmare, and you, our prayer warriors, are uplifting our family with prayers. Just know dear friends, that we feel your love and that we know without a shadow of doubt that God is with us. We feel his presence with us and we know that He will never leave us to walk this scary journey alone.

Miss Alley and David playing a silly IPod game:) She is such a special soul.

Tena Hubble is another special teacher. She had Kyle for first grade and now this is her second year with David. We adore her sweet spirit and we are so thankful that she and Miss Alley hopped in the car for a trip to see our Rock Star. Just thinking about it makes me bawl.

Ashley and Jason also have been with us for the last two days. They came down Thanksgiving Day and left this afternoon. We miss them when they are not here because not only does David adore them but they keep us straight. Mike and I are so overwhelmed that we are not thinking straight. Jason has had to text me the code to the RMH house because I keep forgetting it. They are the brains behind this operation and we are so appreciative of them.

So today has been a wonderful day of healing. We are trying to not be anxious about the next two weeks of grueling chemo and radiation for our Rock Star. Here are our specific prayer requests:

That David's cancer responds to the chemo. Just visualize those circles of cancer on his lungs melting away.

Pray that the radiation zaps any stray cancer cells in his abdomen so we do not have to face this Goliath again.

Pray that he handles the chemo well. After being educated about the side effects it is so easy to fall into the fear traps, but we are remaining faithful here in PArty Central. We have sat through several education sessions where we are educated on the side effects of chemo and they are so scary. But then sadly you must go through with the treatment to get into remission.

Thanks dear prayer warriors. We love you so much and we are so appreciative of your prayers sustaining us.

Party Central Update:)

It is a beautiful day in Charlottesville and we are enjoying the sunshine here in Party Central. Mr. Rock Star had a rough night due to the cheeseburger he had yesterday. Maybe that was not the best choice for his first meal:) I think he threw up big time last night:( The boys (Mike, Kyle, an David) had a hospital sleepover and us girls had a sleepover at the Ronald McDonald house. Today we are going to stick to a more bland diet:)

The big news here is that the lymphatic fluid stopped enough and they pulled that drain out!! It was not hurting him, but it was a pain to deal with during PT sessions and clothes changing. That is good news:)

This weekend we are just letting him heal from surgery and resting up. As of now we think he will start his first round of chemo on Monday. Chemo will be once a week for six weeks. Radiation will start next Thursday and will be 6 or 7 sessions in a row. He will probably have a session next Thursday and Friday, and then each day the following week. I am at peace with this now because I just have to trust that this radiation is all in God's plan.

We are trusting in God's plan knowing that he has this whole situation in the palm of his hand. We are doing well here. Mike and I both were a little down yesterday but we did try to get out a little while we had so much help here to shop for the kiddos for Christmas.

I just pray that God is using this nightmare to draw us all closer to him.It thrills us all so much how many friends and family are approaching the Throne of Grace on David's behalf:)

We are just resting up and praying up for our first round of battle again Goliath next week. We are very anxious to see how Rock Star is going to handle the chemo. The doctors have very clearly gone over all the side effects with us and as firghtening as they are, we have no choice. Chemo and radiation are the sling shot to take down this Goliath. So please specifically pray that David is one of those folks that can handle chemo and radiation well and that his cancer does not spread any further.

Much love to you all and prayer warriors get ready to pray this Rock Star through Chemo and Radiation:)

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Turkey Day

Despite the circumstances we have really had a good day. GG, Pops, and Hope came down to visit as well as Ashley and Jason.

The remote control car has been a hit with us all. It has made David get up and be active!

A group walk through 7 Central. Our meal consisted of whatever the cafeteria was serving but Mr. Rock STar had a cheeseburger and fries:)

Pops and David having a sweet moment in the hallway. These two have a sweet and special bond.

Now that he can eat regular food and play with both of his siblings he is such a happy clam:) We just got the word that the lymphatic fluid has slowed enough and that the tube can come out tomorrow!!!:) Praise God!! We are so thrilled the fluid has stopped and we are tired of fooling with that drainage bulb.

It has been a happy sibling reunion today. Kyle has not seen Hope in several days and it has been so fun to watch them interact.

These are two of David's very favorite people!!! Thanks for the love Ashley and Jason:)

Have I said lately how amazing Kyle has been? He gives David medicine, gives him his drinks, makes him get up and play, and just loves his baby brother.

I love this picture of my sweet boys.

His spunk his back and that makes this Momma so happy:) We love you Rock Star!!

That mischevious grin is back and we love it. He is so rotten:)

Our friends, The Johnsons sent David a Hokie hat that is signed by Frank Beamer! He is going to wear it Saturday when the Hokie Bird shows up!

Snuggled on the bed watching Beauty and the Beast:) Tonight we are thrilled that we are all here together. Kyle and Hope are going to stay here with us until Sunday when they are going back to Marion with my Mom.

I cannot take credit for this sweet picture-Jason got it on my camera and I love it!!!

I want to frame this picture of Pops and David holding hands. These two have a special little bond:)

Can't you just feel the love? We really have had a good day today. Mike and I even stepped out for a little bit this evening to do some Christmas shopping for the kiddos. It felt weird to be out shopping just for a bit, but we knew that David was in good hands.

So today on Thanksgiving Day we are certainly not where he had planned to be. But regardless of where we are we can still love on our loved ones and take time to be thankful for the MANY blessings that theLord has showered upon our family. We are thankful to you, our prayer warriors for praying us through this past week. We are thankful for David for entertaning us and making us smile even through our tears, and for our Lord who is sustaining us each and every moment here in 7 Central.