Thursday, December 31, 2015

Christmas 2015

Christmas 2015 has been a good one for our family.  We have spet lots of time together at home which is a treat for us.  We are in the process of remodeling our living room, with new flooring and a new paint job.  

Christmas eve was spent in Radford.  We had a great afternoon with my side of the family and then we headed to my Great Uncle's home in Radford for an extended family gathering.  Here are our three on Christmas Eve.  
We did snap a family picture as well.  It was unseasonably warm this Christmas break! Mike even had shorts on! 
As always Christmas Day was spent at our home in Marion.  We love lazy Christmas days where the kids can play with their toys and spend the day in their pajamas.  GG and Pops were suppose to come down, but Pops had a rough night.  He has handled the chemo pretty well so far, but he has a pesky kidney stone that has bothered him since this past summer.  Here is Hope with her new American girl, Kit.  

This is one of my favorite pictures of Christmas Eve.  Hope and Clayton spent a long while on the piano.  Clayton has the talent to play by ear and has never taken a formal lesson.  He truly has a gift!  Hope has been in piano for several months now and is learning to read music.  I love their expressions in this picture!! 

I am not sure how many more years Hope and David will believe in Santa Claus, so I paused to take a picture Christmas Eve of the cookies that Hope laid out for him.  David, Hope and Kelsey had baked for Santa the day before Chirstmas eve, and so they left some of their cookies out for him.  

The weather has been so beautiful this Chrismtas that we thought it would be a great idea to head to Dollywood two days after Christmas.  It must have been a great idea, because 5 million of our closest friends were also there!  Ha!  It was sunny and in the 70s-we couldnt have asked for better weather for a family day.  
Pos even lasted  a full day at Dollywood!  We really had a great family day together at Dollywood.  Dave certainly loves his Pops. 
This was a first-these two riding a ride together!  Our kids are growing up to fast.  
Kyle was a good sport and rode rides with David.  
Kyle is a teenager, but there are moments of beauty when I see him caring for David and it melts my heart.  He is a good guy for sure.  

The year 2015 was a good one for us.  David had great UVA appointments which always gives us a big sigh of relief. We spent a lot of time with family including a cruise to the Bahamas that was a blast.  Kyle and i served the Lord together in Georgia this past summer on a mission trip, and overall our kids are happy and healthy. 

Looking ahead to 216, we are excited for the doors that God has opened when others doors were closed.  We always trust in His plan.  I am beyond excited to keep teaching preschool and to dig into youth middle school ministry at church.  We pray that God will bless you in 2016!! 

Sunday, December 20, 2015

VT men's basketball

 Virginia Tech's mens basketball program continues to show that they are real winners on and off the court.  This past August David attended Buzz's Bunch basketball camp for special needs kids at VT.  Coach Buzz Williams is the real deal, yall.  Yesterday the campers were invited back to campus for a shoot around with the team plus tickets to the game for our entire family.  

Mike and Kyle were playing hoops in an AAU tournament in Christiansburg so they missed out on the fun, but Uncle Chad, Pops, and Clayton joined us for a fun day of VT hoops.  
Pops may have started chemo this week for his chronic leukemia, but ole "Spider" Gilmore still had some energy for some one-on-one before his energy ran out.  Pops is now taking two doses of oral chemo at home per day.  So far he is doing okay with the chemo, and we pray it continues that he can keep up with his grandchildren while in treatment.  We covet any prayers for our precious Pops as it appears it is his turn to fight the Goliath called cancer.  
David taking it to Ahmed Hill during a little one-on-one.  These players are so genuine and real with these special needs kids.  
Of course David had to go catch up with Coach Buzz and give him a handshake and a hug.  As a special needs momma I will never be able to convey to these players and Coach Buzz how much these kinds of opportuities bless my heart.  Because of stupid cancer and his ongoing kidney issues, David has a laundry list of things he cannot do now.  When Coach Buzz provides these kids an opportunity to be apart of this team through Buzz's Bunch my heart is so happy and thanful.
Yeah, even Uncle Chad fell in love with this precious little girl with Down Syndrome.  She stole everyone's heart!! 
David is getting too cool and old to pose for pictures for me anymore but he loves to take selfies on my phone!  Ha!  Even Coach Buzz took a selfie with David.  
Of course David has thrilled to see his Hokie bff, "Sef Alwen" (Seth Allen) and he stuck to him like glue.  Our whole family is rooting for this amazing and crazy guy who has such a big heart.  
After the shoot around, we all went into the game and cheered the Hokies on to victory over Grambling State.  It was a fun game because Dave's favorite "Sef Alwen" started the game and Justin Bibbs was on fire shooting 7 three pointers!  

After the game we hung around and visited with Seth's parents while we waited to say a final goodbye to Seth Allen.  As Coach Buzz was walking off the court to attend the post-game press conference, he yelled for David to come with him.  Uncle Chad followed closely behind, and realized that David was allowed to sit beside Coach Buzz during the post-game interview!!!  What a cool experience for our guy!  Coach Buzz even asked him to say who his favorite player was and of course he said "Sef Alwen!"  

Later that evening as I was scrolling twitter I stumbled across this AMAZING picture of our boy and Coach Buzz that some sports reporter had captured.  What an amazing moment for our boy and he announced to his Daddy this morning before church "Dad, I am famous!" 

Coach Buzz, you will never know fully the blessing you are giving these kids when you include them in the men's basketball family.  From a blessed momma I sincerely and humbly say thank you.  Go Hokies!!