Sunday, June 17, 2018

Welcome Sweet summertime!

We are so thankful for summer!!!!!!! We are almost as busy in the summer as we are during the school year but it is mostly fun stuff! We have certainly had some Robinson highlights that I wanted to get documented.

This kid and his tennis team had a phenomenal season and made it to state!  We never dreamed Kyle would play #1 seed this year, but we watched them play some amazing tennis and earn a trip to state.  All six guys were so much fun to watch! Kyle's team not only won District, but Kyle won District for singles and he and Alex, his doubles partner, won district for doubles. 
Then after a match in the Regional tournament in Wise County that began at 5 and did not end until after midnight, they stunned Eastside and made it to the Regional Finals which also punched their ticket to the state tournament.  They lost to John Battle in Regional finals and here is Kyle with the runner-up trophy for Regionals.  Don't let his smile fool you.... he was not happy to be runner-up!  Ha!
Then we headed to Virginia Tech to play Galax in the first round of the state tournament.  Galax was tough and we were tied after singles.  The whole match literally came down to Duncan and Trey in #3 doubles in the third set.  We won!!
It was an exciting day to cheer on our boys at Virginia Tech-we had lots of fans including GG and Pops. 
Any parent of a teenager will tell you it is rare to capture a picture of your child much less with this big of a smile!!  Sarah Martin captured this at Virginia Tech when Kyle realized we may win the match!! 
The tennis boys had a weekend before the second round of state where they would once again face John Battle.  Half of the team came to church for youth Sunday and I was blessed enough to get to speak during the service that morning.  I preached on Mark 10.  I was so nervous!!

Sadly the next day the boys lost in a close heartbreaker to John Battle who went on to the state finals.  We were so close and Kyle was crushed.  It once again came down to the #3 doubles duo and they played their hearts out, but we fell a little short.  It brought to close a Cinderella season none of us could have imagined. 
As soon as the tennis match was over we headed up the interstate for summer league basketball.  His school team has played in lots of team camps and a summer league this month. Sarah Martin captured this picture of Kyle!
Summer also means the Nurture program at FUMC!  Once again our youth step us and show up each week to nurture the little ones that God sends to us.  We read books, play, eat, and have lots of educational fun.  Here is Kyle with one of my favorite kiddos ever!  If you heard my sermon on Mark 10 this the sweet preschooler I referenced who "ain't no loser!"
Another June highlight thus far was David being involved in Amber and Adam's wedding. This is the second wedding where one of David's helpers has gotten married and he was asked to be apart of the service.  He did amazing and the wedding was beautiful!!!!!!!!  Dave loves Amber and Adam but rest assured he still feels like he is the main squeeze in Amber's life:)
here is a family picture from the wedding just in case you need a reminder that Southwest Virginia is God's country. 
Well, after parenting for 16 years, we had a first around here this week-we hosted a sleepover.  Our best girl ever turned 9, and she had a sleepover.  It was precious and I loved every moment of having those girls over.  I cannot believe she is 9..... It was full of lots of giggles, lots of food, and a marathon of When Calls the Heart. 

I have also (with enormous help from Hope, bless her heart) have a full and big garden again this summer and just today I got my first little harvest from it.  It has been a challenge to put it in and keep it up with all the rain and my stupid ankle, but I am so thankful to garden again.  I have had many dark days where I have wondered if life will ever get back to normal after my fracture, but with Jesus, my Physical therapists, and my village of family and friends I am getting better each day!  Happy summer!!


Sunday, April 1, 2018

Easter 2018

Easter has always been one of my favorite holidays. I love everything about it. Christmas kind of overwhelms me with its high expectations and hype, but Easter is awesome.   Easter is chill and low key and it is all about Jesus. It is my kind of holiday.

This year Easter has looked a little bit different in this house due to my unfortunate life sabbatical called broken ankle. No shopping trips for me for matching outfits for my kids, no easter egg dying, no decorations, nothing. I did not even make it to church today for the youth easter vigil fire or even one church service. 

Yet, this Easter has felt special.  It has felt somewhat holy to me because Jesus and I have had lots and lots and lots of time together in the past four weeks.  We have completed Beth Moore's Entrusted bible study together learning about Paul and Timothy and their ministry throughout Second Timothy.  I am also halfway through Lisa Harper's study of Mark.

 Not only have Jesus and I have spent lots of time together in His word, he has listened (hopefully patiently) to my many questions about my ankle.  "Why now Lord?"  "Why..... there was so much momentum going on within our youth-WHY????"   "Two surgeries, Lord?  TWO?? " "Four surgeons?"  "Wow God, you go big I guess...."

Blessedly I believe God can handle my whiny questions and has used this sabbatical to teach me lots of life lessons.  I am still processing them but this morning my pain woke me up a little after 5 a.m. when I should have been going to church with Kyle and the youth to attend the vigil fire.  I could not go back to sleep so I had my own easter vigil "fire" with my yankee candle, my bible, and Jesus.  It was beautiful and holy time with me and Jesus. 

I do not understand everything that happens on this side of heaven but I do trust who holds me in the palm of His hands.  Jesus.  He is everything to me.  As my one of my favorite Easter songs reminds me:

And as He Stands in Victory
Sin's curse has lost its grip on me
For I am His and He is mine
Bought with the precious blood of Christ 

One of the only traditions we held onto this year was our Easter morning resurrection rolls we make for breakfast.  They are yummy and a great reminder of Jesus' resurrection from the tomb.  I missed making them with my youth and preschoolers, but there is always next year. 

once the church crowd dispersed, we visited church as a family and placed a daffodil from our yard into the beautiful cross for Memaw.  Her last year she was alive she asked me and Hope to put her a "real pretty flower" onto the cross for her.  Memaw loved this tradition as much as we do and no broken ankle was going to keep us from placing her flower into the cross.  I also love that my kids dressed themselves for Easter today-Kyle wore this to the Easter vigil fire and sunrise service and David and Hope dressed themselves.  I love that God is teaching me what is truly important and matching outfits did not make the list this year. 

This sight always makes me smile and maybe shed a few happy tears.  It reminds me of my Memaw whom I miss so much, it makes me grateful for raising our children in church, for the love within these walls, and makes me thankful for a Savior who saved us from our sins. 

Easter..... you are my kind of holiday.  Yummy resurrection rolls, great chocolate, low expectations, and a focus on a living Savior makes for a great holiday.  Even a broken ankle could not keep us from enjoying this wonderful day. 

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Road blocks

I am devoted planner type of girl.  I have a planner that I keep up with our busy schedule and we live by this planner.  As a youth leader I am already planning our summer activities.  But due to an unexpected broken ankle, I have not looked at my planner in a week as everything is cancelled for now and life has stopped.  I have hit a big road block!

Last weekend on an amazing youth retreat with our youth, I tripped while hiking in Townsend Tennessee.  We were five steps into the hike and I went down.  I had to have surgery the same day and it took  11 screws to fix it.  I am now home and am trying so hard to learn how to be still.

I did sneak out of town for 24 hours with some dear jesus girls to see Beth Moore.  I was DETERMINED to make this trip since we have been planning it for months.  I have even had a counter on my phone counting down the days until we go.  I loaded up with my scooter and wheelchair and off we went. 

The opening worship set I bawled.  I could not have stopped the tears if I had to.  The last time I went to a Beth Moore worship event I was pregnant with David.  I had NO IDEA what was to come in our family's life with his Down Syndrome diagnosis, move to Marion, Mike's crazy job and schedule during the superintendent years, David's cancer, and broken bones, and just life.  Through it all, God has been so incredibly faithful.  He has provided peace to us when our hearts were breaking, he has provided for our physical needs, and given us joy throughout the hard times.  I know that I am out there with my faith but how can I not share how God has provided for us and revealed his glory over and over again?!

While we were sitting in the hospital waiting for my surgery, the other chaperones sent me this picture from our retreat. My heart was broken in a million pieces.  Our spring retreat has become one of my favorite events we do because it is teaching kids how to have relaxing and quiet time with God.  The hike was the only thing we had planned outside of the retreat center. 

I did a Friday night devotional around the campfire to kick off our weekend theme of Be Different based on Romans 12:2.  I had made worksheets for the kids to study scripture and had planned a Saturday night worship plus tons of games and fun.  Because of our awesome chaperones some of it still got to happen but I missed it all.  But after Mike took me to ER and waited on me during surgery I insisted that he go back to the retreat center and proceed with his devotion for the kids and lead the prayer stations.  Despite being so sad over missing it, my heart was so full knowing that Mike was back there pointing kids to Christ.  I am forever grateful that he has embraced my youth job and has rolled up his sleeves to partner with me in this ministry. 

This is the ferocious ledge that I fell off on.  One of these days it will be funny but not yet.  It is also fitting that if you change the El on the end of Laurel to an A it would say Laura Falls.  Yep, that is exactly what happened. 

I am not going to lie, this injury has been so darn hard.  I am not used to sitting and being still.  I am not used to asking for help.  I am not used to this much down time.  But if I believe Jeremiah 29:11 that God has plans for us and they are good to help us prosper and not to harm us, then I will rest.  I am using this time to complete Beth Moore's Entrusted bible study based on Paul and 2 Timothy. 

So I am using my road block to rest and to study God's word.  Road blocks are part of life and I am trying so hard to be still and know He is God.