Sunday, October 29, 2017

His Glory!

It has been a fun and busy week here for our family.  I am having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that it is almost November!

Tonight was our annual trunk or treat event at church.  We LOVE this event so much because we truly invite the whole town to come and worship, eat hot dogs, and get lots of candy!

Yes that it snow on our coats and in our hair!  It snowed tonight for our trunk or treat.  CRAZY!!!! I love these girls and I love seeing youth show up to church to serve others.  It blesses my heart.  I never ever envisioned myself as a youth leader but here I am loving it.

This is my grandmother who got moved to a nursing home on Friday after some foot surgery.  She will be there for several weeks.  She is something.  Most of the time she is sharp as a tack and knows everything and everybody.  Then there are times she has hallucinations and bless her heart they are very real to her.  My parents are doing an exceptional job of caretaking for her even if she is not always the sweetest patient!  HA!  They continue to show me the example of honoring your parents even when it is not always easy.  Today Hope and I had a great visit with her.  She loves her Jesus and thankfully is very happy at her new facility as her foot heals.  I told her as a left today to show the nurses her princess side and not her big bad wolf side because she certainly has both:)

Here is our sweet Dorothy with her piano teacher who was dressed as Audrey Hepburn!  Last night was Hope's fall piano recital and she played Somewhere over the Rainbow dressed as Dorothy.  I held my breath her entire song and despite a few wrong notes she kept her poise and did great!

The concentration.... :) I love that Hope loves piano and that our home is full of music.  the boys do not always appreciate her practicing but we love it!  I pray she uses this love of music for the glory of the Lord one day.

While Mike and I were enjoying a night of music at the recital, my brother, my Dad, my nephews, and my boys were out in the rain watching the Hokies.  They are die hards and stayed most of the game!!  Tech won and my boys made memories with their Pops.  They were drown rats despite the rain gear because it was basically a monsoon!

Mike was on the road a ton last week doing what he loves doing-teaching, meeting with other educators and visiting kids in his program.  Here is Mike last week with the Governor of Virginia at an award ceremony for an award United Way received for their work on workforce development in our schools through the Ignite program.

He called me when the ceremony was over and said for a moment sitting in the Governor's mansion receiving this award with this organization, he felt grateful for how far God has brought him.  He never dreamed as a kid from a small town in Arkansas he would have a PhD and be where he is today.  Just a reminder that God can always dream bigger for us than we can and that HARD WORK pays off.  Mike Robinson is not perfect but that guy has always worked hard at whatever he does.  He is a good role model for our kids.

This past week was Kyle's first scrimmage for basketball.  It is almost that time of year which makes all five of us soooo happy!  We joke all the time that when I dated Mike I refused to watch basketball with him because the guys shoes squeaking on the court drove me bonkers and now here I am a referee-yelling, basketball-loving Momma and coaches wife!  I still have a lot to learn but that does not keep me from yelling and cheering!  :)

This past week at our after school program at church we carved pumpkins with almost 100 kids and youth.  It was loud, crazy and wonderful all rolled into one.  We have the most amazing Wednesday afterschool program going on at church.  God has called some great folks to teach and lead and we love that our church is rocking every Wednesday after school.  My youth taught the elementary kids the pumpkin carving prayer and then helped them carve a pumpkin.  Here is Hope with two of her favorite youth ladies!!

It has been a busy but pretty great week in our household.  The days are full and parenting is NEVER easy but we are thankful for seeing God working in our church and in our family.  May everything we do be for His glory!

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Our Night at VT

What an amazing Hokie weekend we have had!  It is hard to come back to reality after such a wonderful and touching weekend.  A little over a week ago we received an email asking if David could participate in a special ceremony for the VT men's basketball team.  We love Coach Buzz and all the players so of course we agreed!

Friday after school the boys ran off of the bus to get into their shirts and bowties for the big Tip Off Banquet.  That was the first event of the evening.  The boys and I went to this fancy and wonderful affair.  We even got picked up from the parking lot in a golf cart:)
David of course wanted a picture with every player-here he is with Justin Robinson.
He talked Devin Wilson into sneaking him into the locker room for a quick tour and he also talked him into face-timing Seth Allen in Hungary!  These guys are all so kind and wonderful with David.
David thinks he can shoot just like Justin Bibbs.  :) The players all looked so professional!
David loves Ahmed Hill but when he asked David if he liked his hat David said "oh no!"

My pictures are once again out of order but not only did we have a magical night with the Men's basketball team but we stayed and went to the football game with Pops, Clayton and Uncle chad.  We love Cousin Clayton and these two are so sweet together.
My boys ready for the kickoff!!
Friday night after the tip-off banquet at 6:00 we headed to the 9:00 Hokie Hoops Madness Event!  Mike, Pops, GG and Hope met us there for that event and here are our three babes out past their bedtime.
David was chosen to be one of ring bearers for the special presentation of the basketball teams NCAA rings.  We had no idea who he would present his ring to but lining up Coach Frank Beamer was a few spots ahead of him also as a ring bearer. Coach Beamer is a class act and we all have so much respect for him.
This is the moment my heart was so happy!!  David got to present Coach Buzz his NCAA ring for making it to the Big Dance last year.  Each player and coach had a ring bearer and it was an amazing ceremony.  Dave was the Buzz's Bunch representative!  This picture is so precious!
We all love Coach Buzz and so admire the way he coaches on and off the court.  We have been faithful Buzz's Bunch participants since he came to VT and we respect what he has done while at VT.  We were in awe that David was chosen to present him his ring and to be apart of something so awesome Friday night.  It is a special Hokie memory none of us will forget anytime soon.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Sweet September

September has certainly treated us well.  It has been freakishly hot here in Virginia which has meant my garden has kept producing summer crops.

One of the absolute highlights of the month was traveling to Radford on a Friday night to watch my Dad, Pops, receive the Virginia High School League merit award for keeping the clock at football games for FIFTY years.  Fifty years.  We all attended the game to watch him get his award and be recognized during halftime.  Pops certainly has provided the lesson to our kids to serve in your community and he has certainly served well.  We were all so proud of him for this award!
Another sweet September moment was watching these two cuties head to Marion's homecoming.  Sweet Emme attends Abingdon and she came and went to the dance with Kyle.  She is a sweet girl who loves Jesus and the Hokies!  They looked awesome going to their dance together coordinated in royal blue. 
My pictures are out of order but here are 4/5 of the grandkids with Pops at the game where he received his award.  He had no idea he was getting the award and that we were all coming to surprise him.  We are so proud of ourselves that we kept it secret for a few weeks leading up to the ceremony.
Another picture of the homecoming duo taken by Hope.  She took some great pictures of them!  They went to eat before the dance, then attended a youth group after party we held at the ballroom. 
Because of Emme we have attended some volleyball games this season.  To be so little this girl can serve the ball!  Kyle and I are still a little clueless on volleyball rules! Ha!
Kyle has finished golf season and is now training and getting ready for basketball.  He has worked hard in the off season to get ready for the season.  He has been blessed with some great coaches and mentors in his life to help him. 
This past weekend was the Robinson boys annual fall football trip.  This year they traveled to Birmingham to watch Louisiana Tech play UAB.  This is now two years in a row where the bulldogs have lost on a last second play when the boys have traveled to watch them play.  Bless their hearts.  Despite the outcome of the game they did make memories and had fun together. 
The last four weeks I have led a bible study for our youth girls at church based on 1 Thessalonians.  It has blessed my heart to watch these girls dig into the word and complete their weekly homework assignments.  We have laughed, learned, and had fun studying Paul's letter to the church in Thessalonia.  This past week we had to memorize this verse about our the need for our love to increase and overflow for others.  I know teenagers these days have a bad rep for always being on their phone and being self-absorbed but these girls who faithfully show up each week to study and to discuss their homework bless me and encourage me. Youth ministry is not glamorous or easy but I love sitting around a room with open bibles and open hearts to pursue God with some awesome Jesus girls.

Friday, September 1, 2017

Homegrown Program

This past summer was our first ever attempt at a garden.  I have wanted to garden for so many years but lacked the knowledge to even know where to begin.  I was then blessed with an opportunity to participate in the Homegrown program through Sprouting Hope, our local community garden.  Gardening has changed my life and I am so thankful for the opportunity to learn how to grow healthy and organic food for my family and neighbors.  

 I knew I would love to harvest the gorgeous produce and see the fruits of our hard work, but I had no idea the journey would be such a blessing.  Gardening has not only helped me fill our basement with canned spaghetti sauce, pizza sauce, and salsa for the upcoming winter, but it has helped me connect with my neighbors.  Many of our neighbors were interested in our garden and came over to encourage us, share some wisdom with us, and check the progress of our vegetables.  I never dreamed how a garden could connect people.  I have spent more time with my neighbors during gardening season this summer than I have in the last decade.

Our children loved sharing our bounty and we would often load up a basket of goodies and deliver to our neighbors.   I love that gardens provide the opportunity to teach our children the value of hard work and that there is joy in loving our neighbor through sharing our harvest.
 Gardening gave our family a way to connect and work together towards a common goal.
 Gardening has also taught us patience as we have waited all summer long for our delicious tomatoes to ripen which is opposite of what our "fast food" society teaches us.
 We have created some magical memories as we have all marveled over every new vegetable we have harvested from our garden.  What a lesson to teach our children that with God all this produce comes from a little tiny seed we planted in faith in late Spring!!

 As a Mom, gardening has made me appreciate the satisfaction of providing healthy and organic food for our growing family.  We have always wanted to eat healthier but shopping organically in our local grocery store is expensive and would blow our grocery budget for a family of five.  Now due to sprouting Hope I have learned how to grow the same vegetables here in our own yard.  It is very rewarding to know that you are providing the best food possible for your family.  We are already discussing how to expand our garden next year!!
Dinner time is now a place to show off our hard work as we attempt to incorporate our vegetables into our meals.  We rarely eat out now, choosing instead to enjoy the fruits of our labor at our own dinner table. Using church friends and canning books, I have learned how to can using the water bath method and now have a basement full of salsa, spaghetti sauce, and pizza sauce for healthy dinners this winter.

Sprouting Hope you have blessed our family with a new way of life.  We have learned how to grow, harvest, cook, and preserve our bounty!  We have spent the summer marveling at how God used a little garden to make us healthier, help us connect with our neighbors, serve others through sharing our bounty, and teaching us how to garden.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Big Milestone!!

This weekend has been full.  It started Friday with David's six month checkup at UVA.  

Here is David with our beloved Dr. Belyea.  We were one of his first patients when David was in treatment and we adore him. After a day of tests, labs, and oncology visit with Dr. B we got the news that David is now five years cancer-free!!  I actually heard the word cured come out of Dr. B's mouth when he called me.  This was the moment we have worked so hard for all these years.  The five year milestone is huge and we feel it.  We give God the glory for healing David and for changing us as a family.  We are all different people than we were on November 17, 2011 when this nightmare began.  You cannot witness God's glory, protection, provision, and mercy and not be changed.
We will now transition from traditional oncology appointments to the survivor clinic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The great news is that we are in the survivor clinic, the bad news is we transition from Dr. B to a different oncologist.  I am sure he or she is lovely, but we are pretty attached to Dr. B.

His kidney numbers were a little high but Dr. B. said he is not worried so therefore I am not worrying.  He is going to run them by nephrology and get their opinion on them but if you have seen David in real life lately, you know that he is in the midst of puberty.  He is now 5'1 and weighs 115 pounds.  He is muscular and is actually growing a little mustache.  So the kidney numbers could be a little high to compensate for his puberty growth.
Friday afternoon while we waited on the good results and for Dave and Mike to get home Hope had a cute set of twins over to play.  These girls are hilarious and when together they sound like the chipmunks!  When Mike and Dave got home we ate pizza and loaded up to the high school football game.  Our team was playing an in-county rival and the weather was beautiful!
Saturday we worked around the house and then Kyle headed to a friend's house to watch the big fight.  Another Mom who hosted the fight watch party (God bless her.... )  sent me this picture.  Kyle was rooting for Mayweather and this was at the end of the fight.  I love Kyle's big eyes!
After church today we loaded up for a family fun day.  These sleepy heads (all but Sam) took a power nap before hiking four miles!

Another big milestone we celebrated this weekend was Mike's birthday!!!  We spent his day going to church and hiking with friends.  We are so thankful for all that he does for us and that he makes us all "do the right thing" every single day.  He is a good guy and it has been such a joy to see him get to enjoy life again now that he is in a new job.  He is obsessed with playing tennis, he is now coaching Hope's basketball team, and he never misses anything his kids do.

We visited the Cascades today and despite the chilly water, we all enjoyed the hike to see this beautiful waterfall!
Kyle and Sam modeling under the falls.  Have I mentioned how chilly the water was???  Brrrr....
These brave kiddos had to get below the falls even if it was chilly and the rocks were slick.
Hiking with Dave is a challenge.  He wears out easily and has difficulty pacing himself.
But with the help of Chris Austin David loved every single minute of the falls.  He was so proud of himself that he made it across the slippery rocks and he did it!  He got over there and then begged Chris to carry himself (remember he is 115 pounds) back to shore.  Chris and David will sleep well tonight.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Summer 2017

Summer 2017 it has been real.  The backpacks are all packed and ready for the first day of school tomorrow and the kids are all tucked in their beds.  Whether we are ready for not, school begins tomorrow in our neck of the woods.  I always enjoy taking a few minutes during the last night of summer to recap what we got into as a family.  It makes me sad to realize how few summers we have left where all of our chickens are in the nest. 

We began our summer Memorial weekend heading to Charlotte to play some basketball with Team Xplosion.  We were all so excited because my preschool year was over and both the boys and Hope had enjoyed our basketball camps at the high school.  Charlotte treated us well -we stayed downtown and the kids loved the pool on the roof.
Team Xplosion did well in Charlotte and it was a great time!
We returned from Charlotte for Kyle to play summer league as a varsity player for his high school team.  They played four games a week during the months of June!  It was fun to travel to Ft. Chiswell to watch them play.  When it was all said and done Kyle played 28 baskeball games this summer.  He was in heaven!
June was also our weekly Nurture program at church.  Only for our sweet Nurture kids would we be at church before 8 a.m. for a day of serving!
This little lady turned 8 over the summer.  Slow down time please:)
The Summer is always a great time for family time at Claytor Lake!  We love our time there with Pops and GG.
Hope also loved every minute of Camp in the Community at church!  String games on her fingers, slime and learning about Jesus were the highlights of the week.
My pictures are out of order, but we also spent six days in Myrtle Beach with Team Xplosion playing in Big Shots.  It was our last tourney of the season and these boys from southwest Va/East Tn came home winners!!! Such fun!
Another joy of the entire summer was our garden.  We are so excited and proud to be organic gardeners growing, canning, and sharing our bounty.  We are already planning our garden for next year and we still have a fall garden to look forward to!
Another highlight of the summer was Kyle attending PGC basketball camp with his friend Ian.  They roomed together at Eastern Mennonite University and they learned a lot about leadership and character.  It was a great learning and growing opportunity for them both.
Ahhh, I cannot even look at this picture without smiling.  We took a group of 47 to Charleston SC to attend Mfuge mission trip at Charleston Southern University.  It was an amazing and hot week serving.
We never planned to go as a family but that is what happened!  God blessed us with a week together serving, learning and growing.  We had a blast and will have memories tucked in our hearts forever. It was a wonderful bonding time for us as a family.  Hope and I served at a day care, Kyle served at an apartment complex in the city, and Mike and David bounced around doing lots of different social ministries.
Our family at the beach!  Myrtle Beach was such fun.  We shared a condo with GG and Pops and it was relaxing, fun and just what we needed after a hectic mission trip week.  The weather was a little cloudy and we even had some rain but it did not bother us one bit.
We have enjoyed the bounty of our garden using lots of different pinterest recipes to enjoy our bumper crop.
One of the highlights of David's summer was attending Buzz's Bunch camp.  Earlier in the summer Kyle attended a basketball camp for several days and this past weekend it was David's turn.  We are big Coach Buzz fans in this house so both camps were a treat for our boys.
One of the blessings of the summer was that I learned to can!!  I only water bath can for now but I have loved taking our bumper crops of tomatoes and making spaghetti sauce, pizza sauce, and salsa.  Canning is hot and messy work but it is so rewarding to know that in the cold of winter we will still be enjoying our summer garden.  I am so thankful we were chosen to be in the Sprouting Hope homegrown program.  Everytime I harvested a vegetable I would marvel that it actually grew!  I was a complete garden rookie and to see shelves of canned jars from our garden makes me smile.  Canning is not for the lazy but it is so gratifying!

We are excited for what this upcoming school year holds.  Kyle will be a sophomore, David will be in 7th grade and our favorite girl will be a third grader.  Every year when school starts back I feel a little panicky when I am faced with how fast the years are flying by.  I pray our kids learn a lot, make wise choices, show kindness to all, and remember to stick with friends who share our faith and values.  We are blessed with an amazing school system and great teachers for this year so we know that they will be in great hands. Happy first day of school-goodbye Summer 2017:)