Monday, January 23, 2017

Rez 2017

Dear FUMC youth,

I am so incredibly proud to be one of your youth leaders.  You represented so well this past weekend in Pigeon Forge.  You have beautiful hearts that are truly seeking the Lord and I am so impressed with your maturity and faith.

We desperately desire for you to not let this be a one time experience  but to use this powerful weekend as a springboard to go deeper with our God.  He wants to be your best friend and is desperate to spend time with you.
Put him at the tip top of your totem pole.  I promise when you do everything else will fall into place.  After all that He has done for us that is his rightful place in our lives.  Lets press forward to know him more and spend time with Him.
I know for many of you this past weekend was powerful for you, and if you were one of the ones that knelt at that altar and made a big decision anytime this past weekend, please know how proud we are of you and that we will continue to pray for you.  We are committed to helping you grow in your faith so Jesus will be your lifelong best friend.
So dear ones get out that white flag and wave it.  Surrender to the One who loves us all so dearly.  Surrender your big decisions, your small decisions, your stresses and your heart.  You will be rewarded with peace and clarity knowing that you are living a life that brings glory and honor to Him.  Wave that white flag and put him on the top of your totem pole-I promise you will experience his perfect peace.
Water walkers, do not stay safe in that boat with your comfy little life, controlling everything and surrendering nothing.
Belly flop off of that boat and walk towards our God.  He has such amazing plans for you.  Show love to all, serve those that cannot serve themselves, read your bible, show up to youth, come to church, and think about that summer mission trip.
You are precious and we know that you had a blast this weekend but that you also get it that this weekend was for Jesus.  I challenge you to sit down and draw a totem pole and write your priorities down where they fall on your totem pole.  We are all guilty of getting our priorities out of whack and this visual reminder will be helpful to keeping your priorities in check and keeping God first.
It is time for us to rise up and take our faith deeper - we decided this weekend we were "all in" and ready to share the love of Christ with others.
Be bold, show love and know that I am walking beside you outside of that boat on the water ready to support you always.  I am so proud of all of our water walkers and I cannot wait to see the revival in our community!!