Saturday, September 26, 2015

The Big 4-0!

Yesterday was the big 4-0 for this gal.  I thought I would be sad and feel old, but it was really an awesome day!!  I also think having cancer in the family changes your perspectiveon birthdays , because they truly are something to celebrate!

The celebration started Wednesday after church when Mke took me on a date to the Log House.  We had a great time just the two of us, chatting and talking wtihout interuptions from the kids.  

Wednesday morning at 7 am David insisted that Mike take him to get me some flowers.  God bless him because at 7:20 he walked into the house with beautiful flowers for his Mom.
On my actual day, my preschoolers were sooooo sweet and one of my cuties brought me a heart shaped leaf that he found:)
Another little guy had made me a card and brought it in.  He was too shy so he set it down and ran off!
my sweet co-teachers also made me feel so special.  Misty took me to lunch and made me this gorgeous scripture monogram frame for my house.  I love it sooo much!!
My other co-teacher got me my favorite quote framed.  These two bless my life so much each and every day and I love working with them.  We do not make the big bucks for sure, but we love what we do, we teach some great kids, and we laugh a lot.  

My first day as a forty year old ended on a great note as these two nuts snuggled with me on a chilly and rainy Friday night while Mike and Kyle were out at football games.

I am not rich and famous by society standards but yesrerday I felt like royalty.  Those around me made me feel so special.  I was also blessed by my mission trip girls sending me sweet texts, and two preschoolers even sent me videos.  Happiness is found in genuine friends, Jesus, handmade gfts and cards, date night with my soul mate,  and my time with my family.  I am blessed more than I ever deserve.  I thank God for the forty years he has given me and I pray that He will give me forty more to serve Him. 

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

September catchup

Pardon me for being such a blog slacker. Busy is an understatement for our lives the last few weeks.  It is has been all great stuff, but whew it has been hectic.   
These little ballerinas have finally resumed their weekly ballet date.  After being together for so many years at FUMC preschool together, these dear friends now go to different schools.  Their weekly ballet date gives them a chance to chat about important life issues such as the newest American girl, germ-x scents and lipgloss.  
This past Saturday we hosted seven families for Special Spectators  at UVA.  Even though it is a long day (and freakishly hot this past Saturday) we love our time being volunteers for this amazing organization.  To connect with other families that speak our medical lingo and understand our  fears and experiences is priceless. 
Here is some of our crew in the UVA locker room.  We love connecting with these families and helping them make priceless family memories.  We also hope that knowing that our family shows them some encouragement that there will be life after their medical drama.  It is still hard to believe we had a child that fought cancer. 
David on the field playing ball with some of the kids we met.  No matter what type of medical drama these families have been through, they are all so amazing and bless me so much.  
Coach London at UVA during the WAhoo Walk.  Dave yelled "hey coach" as he walked by.  We truly feel so honored to be volunteers for Special Spectators each year.  We both said that when God healed cancer from our baby boy, we would give God all the glory and try to encourage others like we were so blessed along our journey. 
Speaking of amazing, one of my preschoolers showed up to school in this shirt!!  We have the best preschool families!! 
Friday night we had a church and youth tailgate prior to the Friday night football game.  It was such fun!!  Of course David always finds the pretty girls.  Mike and I both love tailgate food and it was such fun with the youth.  

Another reason I have been a blog slacker is that I have been leading a women's bible study at church on Sunday evenings.  I did this study this summer and loved it so much that I invited a few friends to do it with me.  We have roughly 30 women that are participating in this study.  If you get a chance do this study.  It takes all those stories in the bible and shows you how they are tied together.  Amazing!!  

The study is wonderful and so is the fellowship with other women.  To lead this study is way out of my comfort zone, but I felt that God was prodding me to offer it.  We need to know God's word to know how awesome He is! Last week I was so blessed getting messages and texts from ladies commenting on the study and discussing it before we even met.  

Thankfully the reason I have been a blog slacker is all for good reasons:)  We have enjoyed our two Saturdays voluneering for Special Spectators, our kids activities are keeping us busy, and I am relishing time in God's word with some other awesome women.  Life is busy, but life is good. 

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Special spectators at Virginia Tech

Dear Special Spectators, VT Athletics and IMG, 

Thank you.  Thank you for allowing some amazing kids who have been through some horrific medical drama to come to campus for game day and experience a college football game they will never forget.  Thank you for providing families some joy and fun away from medical bills, worries, painful port accesses, and  doctor appointments.  Yesterday you provided a day these kids will never forget.  
Most of the kids in our group yesterday had never even been to a college football game and you  treated them to such a special day. Our first stop was to the radio tower to meet Mike Burnop and the new voice of the Hokies, John Laaser.  Both guys were so kid to our kids and they were so welcoming.  
Not only is the view from the tower gorgeous, but the guys were so sweet to let the kids try on the headphones and sit in the chairs.  
Our group!  
After the radio booth we went to the team walk and high fived players!  Some amazing woman came up to our kids and gave them football gloves from the players.  She was so precious and kind and the kids loved them!  
The walk!  
Then we went into the Merryman Center and The Coach Beamer was waiting for us!  I love Coach Beamer and I was so touched and impressed that he got down on the level with our kids in wheelchairs and chatted with them.  Coach Beamer is truly the real deal!  
He posed for individual pictures with our kids.  Clearly he has a lot on his mind on game days, but to take time to bless our kids with some pictures and autographs was amazing.  
After our time with Coach Beamer we got to visit the field via the tunnel!  What a thrill for these kids to see the stadium from the field level.  They even got to try on the new helmets for Military Appreciation Day. 
After the field visit it was tailgate time!  IMG graciously allowed our group to eat at their tailgate.  The Hokie Bird and chieerleaders even came to visit our kids.  
Ms. Baillee being lifted by a cheerleader!!!! 
This is what it is all about.  You all blessed these kids with an amazing day to forget about their disabilities, medical problems, and their parents' fears, and you blessed them with a day to just be kids.  To cheer for the Hokies, jump to enter sandman, and to just enjoy the moment. On behalf of our entire group, thank you. The Hokie nation should know and be proud of the fact that through Special Spectators, VT provided a day these kids will remember forever. Lane Stadium was a place of magic for some amazing kids Saturday, and this Mom and SpecialSpectators volunteer was blessed enough to witness it all. God bless the Hokies and these amazing kids who continue to fight huge Goliaths in their lives.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Labor Day 2015

Labor Day weekend was spent hosting 
Oma and her husband, Bob from Texas. We get to see Mike's Mom about once a year and Mike really enjoys spending time with her.  This was the first time in a long time that Bob has come to Virginia so that was a treat. 
Our three kids with Oma and Bob before church Sunday.  
The boys heading to a golf outing.  
They texted us when they got close to "our hole" and we went out to cheer them on.  
David was so excited to be a golfer:) 
Dave wore Bob out singing songs for him, chatting with him, and generally just sticking close by his side.  

Bob and Oma have hills in Texas so we showed them our big mountains here in southwest Virginia.  Here are Hope and Oma on a lookout between Marion and Rich Valley. 

Labor Day was spent at Claytor lake with GG and pops, Uncle Gary, Adam and Oma and Bob.  We had fun watching our kids tube behind the boat and picnic on a gorgeous day.  I love spending time with the family and our kids certainly do as well. 
I love spending time with family and of course my happy place in on the lake.  Ww hurried home to watch the Hokies on TV play Ohio State.  Kyle, Pops, Gary, Adam, Chad and Clayton enjoyed watching the game from Lane Stadium. The rest of us cheered like nuts from home.  Bob loves football as much as I do and he was a blast to watch the game with!  

We enjoyed spending time with Oma and Bob eating a lot of yummy food cooked here at our house, sightseeing, and spending a day on the boat.  We both value time with family and we appreciate the time with had with Oma and Bob. Their ears are probably worn out from all the songs my kids sang to them and all the stoires they heard!