Monday, December 8, 2014

Week in Review

December is so festive and awesome and we have sure been busy this past week. 

Kyle made the middle school basketball team and we are having fun attending the games and cheering him on.  He has great coaches and great teammates!  Their busy schedule is keeping us hopping but it is so much fun. 

David was the photographer for this picture of the Robinson girls before we headed to the Nutcracker ballet for the day with Misty and Sydney. The whole day was so much fun!  We saw the ballet, did a little shopping and then had an early dinner.  Watching the Nutcracker brought back so many memories of dancing it as a student with Mrs. Upp growing up. 

Before the ballet we hit the Thomas Musser 5K for St Jude.  Here is David with Jason's twin brother, Jonas who ran the race. 

Local children's pictures lined the homestretch of the race and I gasped when I saw David's.  My emotions were already in high gear as this is a scan week for us.  More on that later.  Sigh.

More Nutcracker pictures!  After having boys all these years it is such a treat to have a girly day with friends.  Hope and Sydney take ballet together and it was magical to watch their faces as these dancers came on stage.  Hands down The Nutcracker is my favorite ballet ever. 

While we were at the ballet our husbands were sending us more 5K race pictures.  Evidently our boys did the one mile fun run! 

Hope and Sydney with the prima ballerina! She was amazing.

Saturday night one of our AAU basketball Moms hosted a sleepover for the team.  I went to her house early Sunday morning to help get the boys fed and ready for church.  I giggled when I went in and saw that she had taken all their phones at bedtime!  She said they couldn't have them back until they were completely ready for church:)

Sunday morning most of the team came to church which was a great end to a great sleepover.  These boys have been together for five years playing ball.  We are so thankful for the memories we have all made, the friendships formed, and the great coaching!  Theses boys play middle school ball for different teams, but for AAU tournaments they will all come together and play as a team.  Thanks Sarah for hosting such a fun night. 

Sunday afternoon GG and Pops took David and Hope to cheer on the Virginia Tech basketball team,  Kyle had youth group Christmas project, and I had my big fundraisisng dinner and show for the preschool.  Hope and David not only got to see their cousin Clayton, but they got to see Seth Allen-their favorite Hokie! 
So this week is scan week.  We are very nervous and concerned because David has been complaining of high belly pain.  Anytime David says anything hurts it makes me want to throw up.  This is hard stuff but I know that God will be with us.  We are also nervous because for previous scans we knew what to expect.  It was a long day but it was not necessarily a hard day for David because he was sedated. 
This time we are switching from CT scans to xrays and ultrasounds.  He will not be sedated but will have to have an IV.  Facing something new makes me nervous and knowing that the day potentially could be stressful for David makes me really nervous. Dr. B explained to us last time that we are at the point post-treatment that the rate of relapse has gone down coniderably (praise God for that) but late effects from all the chemo and radiation could be surfacing.  Xrays and Ultrasounds are good ways to make sure all his major organs are happy and healthy after all the treatment he did receive.  So that is what we are facing Friday.  I dread it but it must be done.  
We ask for your prayers for David (and for us) this week.  Even though we have been very busy this past week, I have been so thankful for the distractions and festivities of the year to keep me distracted from the scan.  No matter what we face we have learned from experience that our faithful and amazing God will always be with us. Amen.

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