Monday, January 12, 2015

Saying Goodbye

This past weekend we laid to rest our sweet Memaw. We all had a few teary moments over the weekend but overall it was fun family time surrounded by great food and fellowship. My aunt Charlotte and her husband Ron and my Uncle Gary and his wife and son, all stayed at my parents house. It has been many decades since all of the Gilmore children stayed under the same roof. I know Memaw was smiling down on her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren having such fun together.

My grandmother was A quilter and for the last few months this angel made out of a quilt has been with her in the nursing home. It was only fitting that the angel be on display during her service.

Hope loved her Memaw and the night before the service she spend a great deal of time making a card to be placed in Memaw's casket with her.
God bless Mullins funeral home. David desperately wanted to be a pall bearer like his Daddy and Uncle Chad, and sure enough david was named an honorary pall bearer with his own boutinierre:)

Memaw asked Kyle many months ago to read John 3:16 at her service. Kyle is painfully shy and he agreed to do it but public speaking is not his love. Not only did he do it, but he did it well from the heart. My heart could barely contain hearing my oldest read sacred scripture that reminds us all how much God truly loves enough-enough to send His one and only son to die for you and for me.
Right after Kyle read his verse, David then went up to the front per Memaw's request and sang Jesus Loves Me with all of his heart. He sang it for Memaw and for Jesus and it was gorgeous. William Ratliffe on the piano did a wonderful job of playing David's speed and my heart could hardly contain my joy. My cancer warrior who loves Jesus so much singing his heart out for his Memaw.

My brother then sang How Great Thou Art and it was gorgeous. Simply gorgeous. It touched me so much that Memaw put so much thought into her service and asked several of the "kids" to participate. After Chad sang Pastor Brian offered up a sermon on the hope that Memaw had in her eternal destiny because she loved Jesus. It was really an upbeat and hopeful service and I know Memaw would have loved it.
As we filed out of the church to head to the graveside, I gasped when I saw my sweet David helping the men carry Memaw to her final resting place. Those men carried her with such love and tenderness and to see my youngest son helping made me smile. Memaw had a huge impact on us all because we were blessed with her for so many years. She knew her Savior, and because of Jesus she is now in Heaven with Him. Amen.

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