Sunday, December 18, 2016

Basketball Nuts

Most families would be posting blog updates on all the holiday festivities their family has been participating in.  Our family; however, has been spending the last few weeks preparing for Christmas between basketball games.  We certainly love our basketball around here and yesterday was a pretty banner day in this household.
We never dreamed we would be starting all over again in the AAU basketball circuit, but yesterday  I found myself back in the younger ranks of AAU cheering on our girl ball player.  Hope quit ballet this year to play more basketball and our girl certainly loves it!  We are not staking our retirement on her WNBA career, but this girl loves playing hoops! Yesterday these tiny ballers went to their first ever tournament.  We gave Hope this big pep talk about Kyle's first AAU game when he was in second grade and how they lost 42-4 in their first game and for her not be upset if they did not win.  Mike and I even secretly questioned if these little girls after only practicing for two months would even score against more seasoned teams, but amazingly they won their age division!!!!
Here she is getting her ginormous championship ring!  She was speechless and exhausted after spendng 11 hours in a gym playing a total of four games.  Notice her proud Pops looking on as she got her ring.  He and David made it in time to watch the championship game!
A team of excited girls ready to play and modeling their new uniforms!
David also had an amazing day at Virginia Tech with his beloved Pops, his Uncle Chad, Aunt Net Net, and cousin Clayton.  He was invited to participate in Buzzs Bunch Day at Virginia Tech. He got the chance to warm up with the team prior to the game.  They got to watch the team play against the Citadel and I hear David ate a hot dog or two!  Ha!
After the game David got to go behind the scenes and attend Coach Buzz's press conference!  He spoke so well!  Buzz asked him three questions and Mike and I were so impressed that he remembered the three questions, answered correctly, and used his best speaking voice.  That was HUGE for our boy!  What a treat!

Not only did David get to attend the post game press conference and speak, but he, Pops, and Cousin Clayton got to to into the locker room and hear Buzz address and pray with the players.  He then got to break the huddle down!! I hate I missed all of this, but I was with my baller girl and I guess Mommas wouldn't have been allowed in the locker room anyway.  :) If you watch the press conference it is so cute because David was exhausted after a big day and getting up at 6:15 didn't help and he looked like he was going to fall asleep!  We certainly love our Hokies Men's basketball team and Coach Buzz!
You know you are a tiny baller when your feet do not touch the floor when you are on the bench!  Ha!  These girls were so precious and never gave up! We know we now need to get our girl some knee pads and true basketball shoes.
We love our number 14 with her hands on her hips pulling up her shorts!
Our elf on the shelf put himself in a plastic box so he could attend the basketball action!  It was so cute to see these girls passing him around.
Not only has Kyle's JV basketball season kept him busy but this past week he played in a tournament in Bristol with his team.  Over four days he played three games in that tournament.  He loves his hoops as well and it was fun and exhausting to cheer on our boys.  Mike was with him yesterday for their final game in the tournament while I was with Hope and Dave was at VT.
Basketball is what Kyle loves the most.  He is learning a new position this year and is frustrated that he is not scoring more, but we are so proud that he has been given the opportunity to play different places due to his time spent in the off-season working on his ball handling.  Kyle is his harshest critic!

So for our family, instead of posting Santa pictures, cookies that we have baked, or a car full of presents bought, we post basketball updates!  Our bottoms are numb from hours spent on basketball bleachers, but we love every minute of it.  It is exciting to watch our oldest play high school ball, watch David have opportunities like Buzz's Bunch and his own AAU team, and to see our baby girl play a sport she was watched since infanthood.  We are also so thankful for our village of extended family yesterday that helped our kiddos get to their activities.  GG was with me for 11 hours in a gym and Mike was with Kyle.  It took Pops, Uncle Chad, Aunt Net Net and Cousin Clayton to keep up with David at Virginia Tech yesterday.  We are thankful for time together and for time watching our kids be basketball nuts.

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