Tuesday, February 21, 2017

February Update

February has certainly been busy and sweet around our house.  In the above video our sweet Hope Madeline is playing the prelude during worship with her amazing piano teacher, Mrs. Melody.  My heart was so full and happy watching her play during worship and she was cool as a cucumber.

 February ended Kyle's JV basketball season at school.  They ended with a 17-6 record and Kyle loved every minute of it. It is no secret that basketball is his passion and it is such fun watching Kyle do something he loves!  This picture blesses my heart because this happened during warmups and if you look on the front row you will see Kyle's biggest fan, David, cheering for Kyle even during warmups.

 Another sweet February moment in our house was Kyle's invitation to the Sadie Hawkins dance with his girlfriend Maggie.  She made such a cute poster and surprised him one night and asked him to the dance.  These two bless my heart and it was such fun to see them all dressed up and get some sweet pictures.
 This is a sweet picture but it is certainly not documenting a sweet moment!  Ha!  Last Friday was Misty's last day at preschool.  We are so happy for her in her new job as a school nurse but we will miss her so much at preschool.  We have made many happy memories together at FUMC with our girls, our students, and our laughs.  You have to keep a sense of humor dealing with tiny humans all the time and we certainly have!  From our pinterest failed crafts, graduations that did not go off as well as we had hoped, and catching our own kids trying to eat butter out of the fridge, we have had lots of laughs.  God has certainly blessed this preschool for over 60 years so I know he will send us the right person to take her place.  Christy and I are in denial and have not even advertised the position yet!  Ha!

 Sweet Dave has thoroughly enjoyed every moment of his AAU career this winter playing with the Cyclones.  He has scored in several games and it has been a blessing to watch his team encourage him and to watch other teams and the referees to support him when he comes into the game.  Every.single. game. that I watch I have to hold back tears of joy.
 Saturday the whole family got to watch Dave in action!!
 So far 2017 has been brutal for my Mom and my grandmother as my Mom is STILL recovering from her broken knee cap and fractured bone in her back and my grandmother lost a big toe a part of her foot due to diabetic sores.  Both are healing slowly but surely and this weekend while in Radford for GG's birthday we got to visit with Mimi in the rehab facility. It was also a big day because Maggie went with us to Radford and met the whole family! Ha!
February was busy and full but it certainly blessed us all with some sweet moments:)

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