Sunday, June 4, 2017

Faith, Fish, and Ministry

Summer 2017 has certainly been treating us right so far.  Mike has been very busy as Mr. Little League president but he has done a great job this season.  Youth ministry at the church is up and running with summer activities which has me hopping!  Last Wednesday was our first Nurture program for the summer.  The youth do an amazing job ministering to these little kiddos that come to our summer program.  We laughed so hard last week watching Kyle chasing one live wire around keeping up with him.

I want my own kiddos and our youth to spend time over the summer serving in our community.  Youth ministry keeps us very busy over the summer but I love witnessing these kids serve in our various church programs over the summer.  This summer we have nurture program for children ages 2-7 that focuses on literacy and feeding.  This upcoming week we also have a camp in the community for children ages K-8.  Hope will be a camper and Kyle will be one of the counselors.

This past weekend we spent the day on Pops boat with the family at Claytor Lake.  The weather was gorgeous!! These cuties had a fishing competition.  Dave would switch teammates depending on who was winning

We are so thankful for family days!  GG and Pops have had a rough go of it lately caretaking for my grandmother and trying to get GG's kneecap healed.  Happy they are finally able to have a little fun.

Friday night the youth had a cookout at the McCall's house and we had so much fun!  Youth ministry is not easy.  Ministry in general is hard which I was not prepared for when I accepted this position.  I often give the pastor a hard time for not warning me how hard it was going to be!  Ha!  But sitting around the campfire with some amazing youth talking about God's word and seeing them choose to attend a church event on a Friday day blessed me and reminded me why this job is so important.
Hope and David both loved every bite of their smores!
We are so thankful for Andy and Teri McCall-they are the most gracious and generous hosts ever.  They house and land are gorgeous and we had picture perfect weather.  Teri and I work together and have a great time.
A gorgeous sunset made the night just perfect.
Youth ministry is never something I would have thought I would do. This ministry is testament to the fact that God has the final say how he uses us.  We had seen God so visibly provide for our every need during the dark days of David's treatment that I told God I was his and use me as he needed me.  A year later God sent me (and therefore my family) to youth ministry. It is hard, so very hard, but nothing is more important than pointing kids to Christ,

We are enjoying every moment of Summer 2017!!!

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