Sunday, October 25, 2015


October, I love you oh so much with all the beautiful fall leaves, pumpkin everything, and gorgeous weather.  You have been amazing, so much so that I have had such fun that I have been a blogging slacker.  My apologies :) 

Last week I was blessed with two days away in Charlottesville with my man. He had a superintendents conference, and I shopped and caught up with an old friend.  The kids were in great hands with GG and Pops and we really had a great time.  I thoroughly enjoyed my Bodos bagel for breakfast and I loved being in Charlottesville and I did not even have to drive near the hospital!!! 
My pictures are totally out of order again, but yesterday I took my boys and our friend, Tanner to the VT Duke game.  We had a blast cheering for Tech through FOUR overtimes.  
Tonight was the Lego trunk or treat at church and we had a blast!!!  I love these community outreach events we host at church.  I also loved watching these two girls have such fun together! 
Friday the weather was gorgeous so when the kids got off of the bus I told them I had a surprise for them... they were so excited until I told them the surprise was getting fall pictures made!!  HA! When did Kyle Bradley become a handsome teenager??? He was just eeyore for his first halloween like last week???
This is one of the group pictures I got of my three beautiful knuckle heads.  They despise pictures but I have a great camera and I thoroughly enjoy taking pictures of them.  
Last week the after school kids at church went to Connor's pumpkin patch for pumpkin picking.  I adore that every Wednesday after school our church is full of kids and teenagers.  

My pictures are crazy, but here is Kyle (as the redman), two sweet youth girls, and Jackie who recently retired as youth director.  She was an awesome hippie!
More ballgame pictures. My heart is so broken the Hokies lost in overtime times four, but really we had such a great day.  It is hitting me that our kids are growing up right before our eyes and I treasure time with them.  Yesterday was a blast-just wish the outcome was different.  
This picture is awesome to me because our David worked so hard and got himself on the Jumbo tron at VT!!!!  The camera guy came near and David waited patiently for him to notice him.  He rolled his sleeves up and showed off his muscles!! What a precious memory!  So many of our friends saw him and texted us!  
This picture blesses my heart.  Our girl is an eager learner and has asked for a long time to visit the zoo to learn more about animals.  Mike finally relented and scheduled a Daddy/daughter day to the Knoxville zoo.  They were gone all day long and not only did they see tons of animals but they ate out and went shopping.  During the VT game, my phone was blowing up with those two sending me pictures of outfits at the mall that she was modeling.  Mike gets it that he is crucial to her self confidence and self worth.  Between Mike and her Heavenly father, Hope Madeline is a blessed little lady.  My heart was so happy that he gave up a football game, a day relaxing at home, and even a day of working on his laptop to give his daughter a memorable day they will never forget.  
This is another picture that blesses my heart.  Friday night the kids elementary school hosted a Spooktacular event.  Here is David and some of his classmates with his teacher!  God has blessed David with some awesome friends and another wonderful teacher.  
Our little witch and ninja turtle!  We have truly had a great few weeks, and I am so thankful for all the memories that we have made.  

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