Sunday, June 19, 2016

Sweet summer 2016

Summer is my favorite season of the year.  I love summer and love having my kids home with me even if they wear me out cooking for them and my house is a wreck!  Ha!
This summer at church our middle school youth and I have started a summer Nurture program for little kiddos ages 2-7.  We provide breakfast, lunch and a backpack of food to take home each week.  Our youth read and play educational games with the kids to help with summer reading.  Our youth have blown me away with how sweet, nurturing and all around awesome they are with these kids.  Nothing blesses my heart more than to see the next generation serving our community.  The program started the first Monday of summer break and to see so many youth walking into church at 8 a,m. overwhelmed me. Here is Kyle with one of his little charges!
Our summer always includes many hours with friends at our local pool.  Here is Hope having a blast with her girl friends playing in the pool.
We have also had a few days out on the boat with family.  Lake days are my best days and I am so thankful for all the memories we get to make with family. Cousin Clayton joined our crew for this precious picture.
Days on the lake are pretty perfect!! When did our babies grow up??
This past week we celebrated this little lady turning 7!! She is such a joy and we love her silly giggle and her servant heart. She was so excited to finally get her own Ipad with a pink cover!! No more stealing the boys while they are not looking! HA!
On her actual birthday we went with our church friends to Bristol Caverns.  What a great place to begin our summer study of Creation!  Wow-to think that our amazing God created those gorgeous caverns! WOW! What a fun field trip. Here is Hope with some cute sisters.
Hope loved the caverns but her brother Dave-not so much! He did not care for all the steps in the cave and he was very unsure of himself.  I kept saying "oh Dave look how beautiful"... and he would respond not beautiful, awful!
Hope did not want a fancy party for her birthday, she simply wanted to take a few girlfriends to see the new Disney movie, Finding Dory.  It was such a cute movie and she loved having a cute group of girls to celebrate with her.
This guy has kept us busy this summer with basketball.  He has been participating in summer league for his high school team.  They hosted a camp, they have been practicing, and they attended Emory and Henry team camp this past weekend.  This boy loves basketball and as a mom I love watching him pursue his passions.
After a ton of basketball Friday and Saturday, today we spent the day at the baseball field.
This picture makes me smile.  Here is  a father and son fist bump after Kyle had a nice solid base hit in his game today.  Our kiddos are blessed with such a Godly man who takes his role as a father seriously.  He never takes the easy way out with anything he does and Iam so thankful my kids have Mike as an example.  I am also blessed with a pretty awesome Dad in my life as well!
I wish I could say our day of baseball ended on a great note, but sadly after a wild pitch to Kyle's knee, our day was ended early. Sigh.  Kyle was so thankful and excited he got the oppoirtunity to pitch today and after some pitching lessons with cousin Abram, he looked so confident on the pitching mound.  If you look closely you can see the laces from the ball imprinted in his knee.

Kyle and I have bonded over the NBA Finals.  I never liked basketball until God blessed me with boys and now I love it!  Kyle and I have stayed up for every Finals game cheering for our Cavs.  Tonight I am watching Game 7 without him because he is in Radford with his grandparents to attend Virginia Tech's basketball camp this week.  We hope his bum knee will be better in the morning or he will have to reschedule his camp for a later session this summer,  

Summer 2K16 has so far given us opportunities to serve our community, lots of fun in the sun, and lots of basketball.  I know one of these days I will miss the craziness!  We have some awesomeness on the horion that we are so thankful for and our cruise is coming up soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  So thankful for time with my babies even if I am running the dishwasher twice a day and my grocery bill has tripled! 

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