Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Big News

Today, Mike official stepped down as Superintendent of Smyth County Schools to be the new Director of the Linwood Holton Governor School which is a virtual Governor's School serving Southwest Virginia and based at the Southwest Virginia Higher Education Center. It will be hard to say goodbye to his awesome School Board as he has worked so closely with them for so long.  It will also be hard to say goodbye to the amazing staff at the School Board office and the staff at each school, but after being a Superintendent for ten years, he is excited to start a new chapter in his life, one that will hopefully help him better balance his home and work life. 

We are not moving and our children will stay put in Smyth County Schools.  We love Smyth County and we are invested in our community and will continue to work in the various ministries we have started.  We will continue to support our amazing school system and community, and hope to start some new opportunities for special needs children in our community this Fall.

In the last four years due to David's cancer, we have come to value family and faith even more strongly.  Being a Superintendent is an amazing honor, yet requires many long hours away from us. His job often conflicted with the husband and Dad that he wanted to be.  Mike is a humble guy and is not motivated by personal success, title, or even salary,  He truly has a servant heart and is excited to be back working directly with students in his new role. 

Thank you for all your love and prayers for our family as we start a new chapter in our lives-thankfully one that does not require snow calls!!  Ha!

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  1. Best wishes to your precious family! I am honored to have had the opportunity to work with, and for Dr. Robinson. He exempflies a true educator. He will forever have my utmost respect and loyalty. I know you are looking forward to having him home more!!