Friday, September 16, 2016

A New Season

I have sincerely been a blog slacker but it has been because we have been busy but in a good way.  We are in a new season of life around the Robinson household and it has been crazy but wonderful.  We are all adjusting to Mike's new job and therefore our new family lifestyle.  It is awesome. We are seeing so much more of Mike and he is so less stressed.  Life is good. He still is close with many of his coworkers from his previous job which makes him happy because he certainly loves those Smyth County School people-they truly are great people.
The boys are in a new season of life-Kyle is  settled into high school life and Dave is now a middle schooler.  This was hard on a Momma's heart to help both of her sons start over in a new school. Both orientations were on the same night and only an hour apart and after several hours in hot and crowded schools this Mommas was done.  Thankfully both boys have adjusted well and we are cruising through the school year.  Kyle has a tough fall semester including Algebra II and Honors English.  He is having to study which is a beautiful thing. Dave has a great team of teachers around him and he is working so hard and we are so proud of him. Little Miss is rocking second grade.
The weekend after school started this youth leader was blessed to get to assist in the baptisms of SEVEN of our youth.  After a busy summer at church including Nurture program, Mission trip, VBS, and confirmation class seven youth went forward with baptism at Hungry Mother Lake.  It was beautiful and this youth leader was overjoyed and humbled to get to be apart of something so special.  I love youth ministry.
We celebrated Mike's birthday in late August and he was a happy clam to celebrate his special day helping coach some boys he adores.  It was a dramatic day of basketball and here we are at Lover's Leap overlook on his special day.  Our kids one day will hopefully appreciate the fact that their Daddy chose them over a job and that they are the apples of his eye.
This gal started back to work at church in preschool.  I am a blessed woman because I love what I do at church -both in youth ministry and at preschool.  At preschool I have amazing coworkers and we may not get paid the big bucks but we certainly laugh a lot and we know we are blessed to teach little hearts about Jesus.  So far our year has been great and I love that at open house one of our returners wanted to take a selfie with me!!!! Be still my heart.....
Back to school also means VT football which is something I adore to do with my boys and my Dad.  We made it to the first home game and Dave was so excited!!  We also got to watch the Battle at Bristol on a big screen at a youth event but we will not talk about the actual football game.  Poor Hokies, that was not their night.

Dave has grown up so much right before our eyes.  He is such a hard worker and wants to please his teachers.  As always, God continues to place the right folks in Dave's life and we are so thankful.

This past month we have worked hard to get ready for Mike's Mom and Bob to come visit us.  It was obvious we have had a busy and crazy summer when we started preparing for company.  We hosted them for a week on their way to a wedding in Charlottesville.  I felt terrible for most of their visit with a bad cold because I realized today when they left I only had only taken ONE picture the entire week they were here.  I must have been really sick to have failed on the photo ops.  

I was also blessed to get to be the speaker at a women's event locally last weekend.  It always takes me by surprise when I am asked to speak at women's conferences because it blows my mind that God could and would use this hot mess for his glory.  Several years ago I told God that my life was His to use for his kingdom which often involves me speaking to groups.  That is not my confort zone at all, but if that is how God will use me then so be it.  I just pray I represent Him well. 

That is the update for now.  I will be better at blogging I promise. :)  

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