Sunday, July 31, 2016

Service, Goodbyes, Basketball, and VBS!

Since we have been back from Nashville we have been so busy.  Summer is truly my favorite time of year and I cann't believe school starts next week.
All three of the Robinson kids have served in the Nurture program at church.  This program has blessed us all so much and these little ones we have served have been such fun.  Love this picture of Dave!
Last weekend we were able to spend some time in Gatlinburg for a basketball tournament.  Kyle loved playing with this group of guys and the competition was stiff!  Check out the size difference between Kyle and the kid he was guarding!  Ha! Kyle adores basketball.  Teams were there from all over the north and southeast and it was a great experience for Kyle.
Our hotel was only one block off of the main drag in Gatlinburg yet a cute little bear made an appearance each morning.  I kept wondering where his Momma was!
Hope has continued her piano lessons this summer with the amazing Mrs. Melody!  Hope was learning the blues scale this week so Mrs. Melody thought she needed to be in costume-cutest little blues player ever!
We came back from our Gatlinburg trip and jumped right into a busy week of Vacation Bible School at church.  I LOVE VBS and I had a great week with our middle school youth.  The first night we went to the community garden to help mulch and weed the garden, Tuesday night we went to a member of the church's home to have a cookout and play GaGa ball, and Wednesday night we hiked at Hungry Mother.
While I was with the middle schoolers, Hope stayed back at the church and did her rotations with her class.  This girl loves bible school as much as I do and had a blast with her friends.  Our theme was Cave Quest-finding Jesus the light of the World!
Thursday night was a special night of VBS for the middle schoolers, because we spent our time after our bible study baking lots of cookies for our local law enforcement.  We delivered them to our local sheriffs office and police station and prayed with the officers.  It showed our youth that simple acts of kindness done in love are so appreciated and that as followers of Jesus we must show love to others.  David's dear friend Sam happen to be at the station with his Dad who is a deputy when we came by!
This past weekend we were able to meet up with our friend, Morgan from West Virginia.  Kyle and I met her on the mission trip to Nashville and she was coming through Wytheville on her way home from the beach and we were able to meet up with her for lunch.  David was of course all up in Kyle's business and was the entertainment during lunch!
This morning in worship our children sang some of their VBS songs for the congregation.  Love seeing my girl singing!
Tonight was a special service at church led by our youth celebrating a huge summer of service.  Here is Kyle reading Acts 4:13 which was the scripture for our summer mission trip.  It was a great time to hear from our youth how their service has blessed them this summer.  Between our Nashville mission trip and our summer Nurture program, our youth completed 1.023 hours of service here in Marion and in Nashville.  I am so incredibly proud of their servant hearts and I adore everyone of them.  My heart overflows....
The big news in our house is that this past Friday was Mike's last day as Superintendent of Smyth County Schools.  The staff had an amazing lunch for him last week which we all got to attend.  It has been such a bittersweet goodbye.
Mike knows he has made the best decision for our family, yet he loves his work and loves his co-workers which makes for a hard goodbye.  Here he is with his chili trophy for winning the chili cookoff two years ago!  We are excited for this new chapter in our lives with Mike having a little les public job and hopefully more time home with us.  At his luncheon he told his staff that it ultimately came down to his kids and that they are his legacy.  I married a good one that is for sure! 

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