Monday, August 7, 2017

Buzz's Bunch 2017

This past Saturday we went to one of our favorite days all year-Buzz's Bunch at Virginia Tech!  I cannot even begin to describe how amazing this day is for our children that have special needs.  
This is our third year attending (maybe fourth) and each year it feels like coming home to a family reunion.  Dave was pretty happy to give Coach Buzz a good morning hug when we arrived.  We respect this guy so much as a coach and as a human being.  For someone who does not have a special needs child he just gets it.
We met Khadim Sy when he was a high schooler player in nearby Oak  Hill and now he is a star at VT (even if Coach Buzz gives him a hard time about his rebounding).  We are not sure how this is possible but this guy has grown over the summer.  He informed me he is now about 6'11.  His heart is as tall as he is and he is such a great guy.
David for some reason decided to talk some smack to Justin Robinson and he insisted to play him one-on-one:) We think the score was tied:)  These players truly get down on these kids level and enjoy them for who they are.  It is really an amazing thing to witness.  They are not doing it for show because there are only a handful of cameras around and none of them are media.
These guys are so sweet and kind to the campers-David got overwhelmed when it was time to go with his color group and a kind former player was there to hold his hand and get him where he needed to be.
Photo op with Ahmed Hill's jersey and the Hokie bird.
David may have Down Syndrome but this guy loves his basketball and he is a competitor.  He loved showing his skills off:)

Dude has skill and he also has watched enough NBA to try to be fancy:)  He also talks enough smack for a whole team!

Kyle had been gone all week to PGC basketball camp and Hope missed him so much.  Here she is literally hanging on to him for dear life!
Here are all the players laying hands on kids as Buzz prays for them.  I have to giggle looking at this picture because Caroline was also there that day and she has a huge crush on Chris Clark.  He is sitting right behind her and check our her expression!  She was one happy girl :)
Kyle and Caorline will be sophomores this year!  Where has the time gone?
Dave always finds the pretty ladies.....
This picture pretty much sums up the day for David.  Because of Buzz's Bunch David feels like these guys and the coaches are his family and best friends.  As he went down the autograph line he told each player how many points they were going to score each game.  He ended the line by telling Coach Buzz that he wanted the players and coaches to come to our house for a house party to eat pizza, play Xbox, and listen to Fetty Wap.

Coach Buzz and his players show their true character each August before the season ever begins.  They humble themselves to spend a Saturday with special needs children-many of whom do not get to participate in sports in a traditional way.  They bring their love and energy and meet our kids where they are.  As a parent my heart is full and thankful that Coach Buzz teaches his players that basketball can be used to intereact with and bless others.  He is one of our heroes!

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