Wednesday, August 2, 2017

July Photo Dump!

I am in total denial that we are close to the finish line of Summer 2017.  It has been a great but way busy-so busy that I am way behind on blogging.

After we left the mission trip with our youth they headed home to the mountains of Virginia, our family headed two hours to the beach to catch up with Kyle at his basketball tournament.  His Xplosion team was playing in a Big Shots tournament in Myrtle Beach and we missed the first half but we made it to the second half of the tourney.

Our family's attempt at a picture on the beach.  The boys do not love my photo ops all the time but the kids are growing and changing so fast that I insist:)
We enjoyed the beach-it has been years since I had been to Myrtle and Mike had never been!
I love vacations because it gives us time as a family to just be together and relax.  I have learned that time away together trumps new "stuff" anyday and we love traveling together.
Not sure why my boys look so angry, but they enjoyed playing in the ocean, the pool, the lazy river, and the putt putt course at our resort.
We also spent some time in a gym cheering on Kyle's Xplosion team playing in the 15u divison of Big Shots.  Amazingly these boys walked away winners!  It was drama-filled after some boys from DC were not happy our boys beat them and they had to be escorted out by the police twice.  Crazy!
Kyle's team does not look too intimidating but these boys can play some ball!
Kyle has grown so much as a player being on Team Xplosion and he loves every single minute of it.
Between basketball games, we loved watching this guy have a ball in the water.  He showed no fear which made us nervous.
We were thankful GG and Pops came to the beach with us.  We learned that Pops not only can find shark's teeth, but he is a master on the self checkout at the grocery store!  We ate well and rested a lot.  It was a great trip.
Between the mission trip and the beach vacation, we were gone for 10 days.  I was so excited to come home and enjoy the fruits of our garden.  We had great neighbors who watered and took care of our garden and we came home to a feast! This little 20x20 garden space has brought us such joy this summer and helped us really connect with our neighbors.  I never dreamed we would be so invested in this little garden.  Here is sweet Hope harvesting in her nightgown before getting ready for church this past Sunday.  She is my constant companion and whatever I am doing she jumps in whole-heartedly to be with me.  These are the days because very soon it will not be cool to wear her Ariel nightgown to the garden with Mom before 8:30a.m. on a Sunday morning.
This summer Kyle has played 29 basketball games between Xplosion and summer league with his school team. He has attended Virginia Tech's basketball camp earlier in the summer and this week he is at Eastern Mennonite at point guard college (PGC) to work on his basketball IQ and to learn how to be a leader on and off the court.  This kid loves the game of basketbal and has big goals and dreams.  We told him as long as he puts God and school first he can dream and pray big!  He has certainly put a lot of time and effort into his basketball game this summer.  
His friend Ian also attended camp with him and they were not thrilled with my picture ideas but they did pose (without smiles of course).  We have all missed Pookie aroud here but we know he is being challenged and is learning lots about the game he loves.

We have about a week left to enjoy the lazy days of summer-we have certainly enjoyed our time together before reality sets in!

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