Monday, November 24, 2014

A lil Getaway !

At the end of last week my parents, GG and Pops, came down and stayed with the kids for two nights while I accompanied Mike to the annual Virginia School Boards Association conference in Williamsburg.  On Thanksgiving Day in a few days is our 15th wedding anniversary!!  Mike has been a school superintendent for eight years and  this was the first year I have ever attended this with him.  It was a total blast with our awesome school board folks and a few of their wives. 

Basically the school board members went to the conferences and sessions while we, the wives hit the loal outlet mall.  I am not a huge shopper, but by golly I rocked it out while I was there.  I did probably 75% of my Christmas shopping in one day.  It is amazing what you can get down without dragging three children around with you!  I missed them like crazy but it was nice to shop solo, eat good seafood, and enjoy some quiet time with my husband of 15 years! 

The first night of the conference was a banquet in a large room with lots of people!  The room was set up audtorium style where the floor wasn't flat-there were step downs every few feet.  I turned around as we were walking to our table to tell one of the other ladies to be careful and next thing I knew I was flat on my face.  I had to laugh at myself and pray the fall was at least graceful!  Ha!

The next day shopping, I was buying the CUTEST princess boots for Hope and another friend and the sales lady asked me if these were for my grandbabies?  Excuse me?  I know I am not a spring chicken but I wasn't clear that the vibe coming off of me was grandmother.  You just have to laugh! 

It was such a fun getaway with some great folks.  We ate great seafood, shopped so much it was a logistical nightmare getting all of our goods home with everyone's suitcases and  purchases, and it was great to reconnect with my man.  It has been a wild and crazy fifteen years and I am thankful he has and will be beside me through it all.

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