Monday, November 17, 2014

Vt Hoops and Three Years

Today my emotions are all over the place.  The last few days have been brutal with a severe toothache for me and some emotional heartaches.

Friday night Virginia Tech had their basketball home opener and because of our wonderful experience with this team and Coach Buzz, we were there with bells on!  Here is David happily reuniting with his best friend, Seth Allen.  Seth is red-shirted this year since he transferred from Maryland. 

David was so excited to see him again!  We were blessed with some tickets from a wonderful local couple and a few from a family member in Radford.  We really had a wonderful night cheering on this team. 

David even ran into the Hokie Bird!! 
David got to sit with Dr. Bill which was a treat for him.  David loves Dr. Bill, our dentist!  Bill is one of the sweetest and kindest men ever and he takes care of all of our teeth) Dr. Bill fixed my toothache early this morning by 9 a.m.  Whoever would have thought a stuck popcorn kernel could have caused such agony for me this past weekend?! 

Even Hopie girl had fun at the baseketball game! 
Seth pointed out his parents to us before the game.  We went over and got to meet them after the game.  Seth came out of the locker room with a plate of chicken tenders which he shared with Hope and David.  Here are David and Seth doing their victory dance! We had such a fun night cheering on the Hokie hoops players that we got to meet through Buzz's Bunch.  Whatever their record is at the end of the season will only be icing on the cake-they are already true winners! 

Saturday GG and Pops stopped by to watch the VT football game with us!  Amazingly we won!!  After the game, my Mom helped me get fall leaf pictures of the kids.  We do theses every year and they are emotional for me because they remind me of our pre-cancer life three years ago.  The day before David was diagnosed with cancer, we took leaf pictures and Ashley and I both remember David telling Kyle to be easy with his belly.  We had no idea it was because there was a ten centimeter tumor hiding in there. 
So today is the day.  Three years ago our world stood still as this sweet doctor in our local ER drew me a picture of my son's kidney.  Three years later I am thankful that David survived treatment and that he is still here with us today-all 82 pounds of him now!  I will never doubt God's goodness and grace because his handiwork was so evident in those dark and scary days at UVA hospital.  He used you, our blog readers, friends, and family to encourage us and love on us when we were so scared.  Cancer taught us to never doubt Him and His faithfulness. 
Here is my blog post from three years ago today.  (click here) .
We as a family have come a long way in three years.  We praise God that He never left us and that His grace was truly sufficient.  Amen.

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