Sunday, February 8, 2015

Catchup Post

I have truly been a blogging slacker. Life has been busy and certainly full of awesome highs and some challenges. Here are some pictures that sum up the last week of our lives.

This picture of our hoops player makes me smile. 
A few quarters into the game he looks like this!  Ha!  He is loving upward basketball season!
These two truly are best friends. 
Kyle's middle school basketball season came to an end this past week.  He has loved every moment of playing hoops with this great group of guys.  We cannot retire the smelly basketball shoes yet, because we still have a few AAU tournaments ahead of us. 
Friday evening this little love and I had a girls night of making Valentines for her friends.  She is really into the Veggie Tales right now and so she picked Veggie Tale valentines for her friends.  It hit me that she no longer needed me to help her, sniff sniff!
Saturday we spent the day with GG and Pops catching some VT basketball action and yummy spaghetti!  Family time is precious for sure. 
This afternoon we had our Down Syndrome Valentine party and we laugh so hard and had such fun.  We are blessed with a great group of folks and we get together to eat, catch up and cheer our kids on.  This is David with Marley.  He announced on the way to the party that he was looking for a Valentine and he certainly had several cuties to choose from!  David sang I am and Jesus Loves Me during the party today! 
This might be the FUNNIEST thing ever!!  After David sang for us, Angie decided to sing Katy Perry.  The problem is that she had her headphones on so she was the only one that could hear the music.  During her solo she grabbed david to slow dance as she kept on singing.  Check out David's face!  After the dance he announced that "that was awkward!"  We are such blessed mommas to have kiddos that bless us with love and laughter.  Angie is one of the most hilarious people I have ever met. 
J Mellinger came to the party and did balloon animals for the kids which was super cool!  We really had a great time of fellowship and laughter. 
In other news, support and encouragement for our Challenger baseball has come in praise be to God!  Our local hospital's health trust board blessed us with a large check and then the local Civitan blessed us with a donation that will be matched by the Health Trust. Then a wonderful group of caring pediatricians blessed us with another donation!  Challenger baseball is really  going to happen here this spring for special needs kids!  I can hardly contain my excitement. 
This afternoon I attended Kyle's youth group mission trip meeting and after prayer and discussion it was determined that the group will be headed to Pine Ridge South Dakota to minister on the indian reservation.  Kyle and I have done some research on this area and we were astounded to learn that in terms of the unemployment rate, alcoholism rate, poverty level, and suicide rate it is equivalent to a third world country.  Either Mike or myself will be going with Kyle on his first ever mission trip.  I am so thankful for this opportunity for Kyle to go learn and to be the hands and feet of Christ.  Youth group has been such a blessing in his life! 

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