Sunday, February 22, 2015

Snowmagedon and NBA time!

This past week has felt a little surreal. We have not had much cold or snow this winter, so I think that mother Nature felt the need to play a little catchup.  We have had many inches of snow over the last week with cold temperatures. We did not go to school at all last week and we are out again tomorrow.

The kids were excited to try out the new sleds that Santa brought them for Christmas.  I was proud that Kyle and his buddy Tanner shoveled snow for neighbors for two days!  It is nice to see kids working hard. 

This sweetie LOVED sledding!  The sled couldn't go fast enough for her.  She is the family daredevil. 

David is always the first one inside for the hot chocolate and popcorn.  I think not wearing his glasses bothers him but then when he wears them they fog up?! 

They did work very hard to build a cute olaf snowman.  While they played I worked very hard cleaning out two big closets that needed decluttering.  Last year during Lent I did the 40 day challenge where I cleaned out 40 bags of stuff out of our house to either donate, sell, or trash.  During our snow days I got 8 bags out already!!  Woot woot! 

We had cabin fever during our week inside together, but we really try to make the best of it and have fun.  Here is our snow day selfie! 

This past weekend we were blessed with tickets to the Charlotte Hornets and Oklahoma City
Thunder NBA game!!!  We headed to Charlotte Friday night to avoid another round of snow and ice and we had such fun.  Hope chose to spend time with GG and Pops instead of heading to another basketball game.  

Dave loves OKC Thunder and of course his favorite player is Kevin Durant.  He had on his KD shoes, and his KD jersey and typical of our family it was announced an hour and a half before the game that KD was hurt and would not play.  This happened to us with LeBron over New Years in Atlanta so we are kind of used to this:) This is our "oh my we are going to see the Thunder selfie!!"

Our seats were amazing and we saw a great game.  Kyle was cheering for the Hornets and David was cheering for the Thunder.  We ran into some good friends in Charlotte and had ice cream with them prior to the game. 

In Atlanta Lebron came out and waved and went back to the locker room.  I had to give KD credit- he at least sat on the bench with his teammates and cheered them on. He is wearing the black shirt and jeans. 

When you sit so close to the court you can get an appreciation for how tall these NBA dudes really are.  Here is Cody Zeller shooting a free throw. 

This guy had a great time-watching NBA and  eating a hot dog with his daddy:)

Kyle likes Russell Westbrook and he was excited that he came so near us to throw the ball in.  He had an awesome game!  

We are in Radford tonight to attend the funeral of Cody, my cousin.  He was 22 years old and had Cerebal Palsy.  He passed away this week and we attended his visitation this afternoon at the funeral home.  The crowd to pay their respects to this young man and his amazing Mom, sister, and extended family who took such amazing care of him was huge.  Here is a picture of Cody when he was younger with his first service dog.  His current service dog, Buck, attended the visitation today and laid next to Cody's casket.  It was beautiful and heartbreaking all at the same time. Tomorrow will be his funeral service.  As a special needs mom myself it is breaking my heart that he passed.  Thankfully because of Jesus Cody is now home in heaven:)   

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