Monday, February 16, 2015

Valentines Week!

It has been a busy but fun week around our household. 

This past week David and I both had a consult at the orthodontist.  Just what every woman who is approaching her fortieth birthday wants is a mouth full of braces!  Uggh!  David still needs to lose a few baby teeth and have a dental CT because possibly he has a third set of teeth hiding above his permanent teeth?!  Odd, but life with David is never boring.  Blessedly invisalign may be a choice for me:) 

We have an eager little reader around our house.  She has had a wonderful kindergarten year and reading has clicked for her and she wants to read everything in sight.  It is precious for sure but check out her squint without her cute hello kitty glasses.

I have the best job on the planet.  Not only do I get to teach children about Jesus and to get them ready for kindergarten, but we have such wonderful and generous parents.  One of our sweet three year old boys walked in with roses for all three of us teachers.  These children are such a joy and make us smile and laugh every day.  Valentines day rocks at preschool!!

Hope and Sydney still take ballet every Thursday at Mrs. Lisa's.  Parents do not watch every lesson but I could not resist taking this precious picture of our tap dancers learning their dance for the Chatauqua festival this year.  Hope and Sydney both adore ballet and tap.   

Another great place to be on Valentines day is kindergarten! This little love bug had a great time and check out the adorable frog to hold all of their valentines. 

Here is me with my valentine Saturday night at the hospital gala! Now that everyone is safe the story is quite funny, but Saturday night I was a nervous wreck waiting on my valentine to join me at the gala. 

Saturday evening Kyle's AAU team played late afternoon/early evening in Wytheville.  We had already committed to going to the gala and I had bought a new dress for the occasion.  We were excited to sit at a table with some new and old friends and we had my parents ready to babysit.  Well, the games ran late of course, and this freak snow storm (that was not really forecasted)  hit our area.  I came home from the basketball game early to get ready and Mike was going to finish coaching (he loves those boys and would never leave them without a coach) and we would meet at the gala.

I got ready for the gala and my parents were here ready to babysit.  My Dad volunteered to drive me to the gala so I could ride home with Mike.  We joked that it had been years (really even a decade or two) since my dad drove me to a formal event!  But I got to the event and had a good time while I waited on my date.  Mike kept texting me that he was on his way but roads were bad and he was going slow (thank goodness for audio text).

Kyle was also on his way home with a dear friend, Sarah.  I don't like it when my loves are out on snowy interstates, but we were keeping up with texting.  Kyle texted that he had gotten home (bless you Sarah) and Mike texted that he was stuck.  He had tried to take a short cut to the country club and had gotten stuck.  A local tow truck tried to help him but they had to leave Mike stranded to go help an ambulance with a critical patient.  Blessedly God sent Mike one of the school system custodians who "happened" to drive by and he helped him get out of the ditch!!  Then a local policeman who coached with Mike last year "happened" to come by and gave my valentine a ride to the gala!!!!  He smelled a little like gasoline when he got there and I had to fix his hair a little but my valentine arrived safely and that is all that matters.  He even was able to get a plate of the yummy food! 

Once all of my loves were safe and sound we tried to enjoy the evening.  Mike was on the phone most of the gala because we had several school buses out on the road with kids on them.  Decisions had to be made for the safety of all involved and it required him to be on the phone.  His job truly is never one you can walk away from. 

Overall we had a wonderful time at the gorgeous gala!  Some awesome folks worked incredibly hard to make it a special and glamorous night for all of us to enjoy.  The food was wonderful, the company was awesome, and the entertainment was great!  The hospital Health Trust puts on this gala every year and raises lots of much needed money that will be spent locally here for our community.  This year the focus of the health trust is youth wellness programs, so it was a wonderful night of fun knowing you were supporting programs that would benefit our children here in Smyth County.  When the hospital CEO was talking about Challenger baseball and other local programs that will benefit I had a happy tear roll down my cheek.  It is awesome to live in such a wonderful place where our children truly are a priority. 

The snow storm of the year has officially started.  We are all out of school for the day today waiting on the biggest storm of the year.  My kids are excited for a day at home and ready for some big time snow for sledding fun.  I am ready to finish up my latest library book and catchup on some Netflix episodes.  Stay safe everyone and enjoy the down time!

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