Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Labor Day 2015

Labor Day weekend was spent hosting 
Oma and her husband, Bob from Texas. We get to see Mike's Mom about once a year and Mike really enjoys spending time with her.  This was the first time in a long time that Bob has come to Virginia so that was a treat. 
Our three kids with Oma and Bob before church Sunday.  
The boys heading to a golf outing.  
They texted us when they got close to "our hole" and we went out to cheer them on.  
David was so excited to be a golfer:) 
Dave wore Bob out singing songs for him, chatting with him, and generally just sticking close by his side.  

Bob and Oma have hills in Texas so we showed them our big mountains here in southwest Virginia.  Here are Hope and Oma on a lookout between Marion and Rich Valley. 

Labor Day was spent at Claytor lake with GG and pops, Uncle Gary, Adam and Oma and Bob.  We had fun watching our kids tube behind the boat and picnic on a gorgeous day.  I love spending time with the family and our kids certainly do as well. 
I love spending time with family and of course my happy place in on the lake.  Ww hurried home to watch the Hokies on TV play Ohio State.  Kyle, Pops, Gary, Adam, Chad and Clayton enjoyed watching the game from Lane Stadium. The rest of us cheered like nuts from home.  Bob loves football as much as I do and he was a blast to watch the game with!  

We enjoyed spending time with Oma and Bob eating a lot of yummy food cooked here at our house, sightseeing, and spending a day on the boat.  We both value time with family and we appreciate the time with had with Oma and Bob. Their ears are probably worn out from all the songs my kids sang to them and all the stoires they heard!  

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