Sunday, September 13, 2015

Special spectators at Virginia Tech

Dear Special Spectators, VT Athletics and IMG, 

Thank you.  Thank you for allowing some amazing kids who have been through some horrific medical drama to come to campus for game day and experience a college football game they will never forget.  Thank you for providing families some joy and fun away from medical bills, worries, painful port accesses, and  doctor appointments.  Yesterday you provided a day these kids will never forget.  
Most of the kids in our group yesterday had never even been to a college football game and you  treated them to such a special day. Our first stop was to the radio tower to meet Mike Burnop and the new voice of the Hokies, John Laaser.  Both guys were so kid to our kids and they were so welcoming.  
Not only is the view from the tower gorgeous, but the guys were so sweet to let the kids try on the headphones and sit in the chairs.  
Our group!  
After the radio booth we went to the team walk and high fived players!  Some amazing woman came up to our kids and gave them football gloves from the players.  She was so precious and kind and the kids loved them!  
The walk!  
Then we went into the Merryman Center and The Coach Beamer was waiting for us!  I love Coach Beamer and I was so touched and impressed that he got down on the level with our kids in wheelchairs and chatted with them.  Coach Beamer is truly the real deal!  
He posed for individual pictures with our kids.  Clearly he has a lot on his mind on game days, but to take time to bless our kids with some pictures and autographs was amazing.  
After our time with Coach Beamer we got to visit the field via the tunnel!  What a thrill for these kids to see the stadium from the field level.  They even got to try on the new helmets for Military Appreciation Day. 
After the field visit it was tailgate time!  IMG graciously allowed our group to eat at their tailgate.  The Hokie Bird and chieerleaders even came to visit our kids.  
Ms. Baillee being lifted by a cheerleader!!!! 
This is what it is all about.  You all blessed these kids with an amazing day to forget about their disabilities, medical problems, and their parents' fears, and you blessed them with a day to just be kids.  To cheer for the Hokies, jump to enter sandman, and to just enjoy the moment. On behalf of our entire group, thank you. The Hokie nation should know and be proud of the fact that through Special Spectators, VT provided a day these kids will remember forever. Lane Stadium was a place of magic for some amazing kids Saturday, and this Mom and SpecialSpectators volunteer was blessed enough to witness it all. God bless the Hokies and these amazing kids who continue to fight huge Goliaths in their lives.

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