Saturday, September 26, 2015

The Big 4-0!

Yesterday was the big 4-0 for this gal.  I thought I would be sad and feel old, but it was really an awesome day!!  I also think having cancer in the family changes your perspectiveon birthdays , because they truly are something to celebrate!

The celebration started Wednesday after church when Mke took me on a date to the Log House.  We had a great time just the two of us, chatting and talking wtihout interuptions from the kids.  

Wednesday morning at 7 am David insisted that Mike take him to get me some flowers.  God bless him because at 7:20 he walked into the house with beautiful flowers for his Mom.
On my actual day, my preschoolers were sooooo sweet and one of my cuties brought me a heart shaped leaf that he found:)
Another little guy had made me a card and brought it in.  He was too shy so he set it down and ran off!
my sweet co-teachers also made me feel so special.  Misty took me to lunch and made me this gorgeous scripture monogram frame for my house.  I love it sooo much!!
My other co-teacher got me my favorite quote framed.  These two bless my life so much each and every day and I love working with them.  We do not make the big bucks for sure, but we love what we do, we teach some great kids, and we laugh a lot.  

My first day as a forty year old ended on a great note as these two nuts snuggled with me on a chilly and rainy Friday night while Mike and Kyle were out at football games.

I am not rich and famous by society standards but yesrerday I felt like royalty.  Those around me made me feel so special.  I was also blessed by my mission trip girls sending me sweet texts, and two preschoolers even sent me videos.  Happiness is found in genuine friends, Jesus, handmade gfts and cards, date night with my soul mate,  and my time with my family.  I am blessed more than I ever deserve.  I thank God for the forty years he has given me and I pray that He will give me forty more to serve Him. 

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