Friday, February 12, 2016

UVA news

Well, this was not the way I thought this day would go.  Over the last three years we have gotten in a nice habit of going for these appointments and then after a Full and long day the amazing Dr. Belyea would call us and say all is well see you in a few months.
Today that is not how that script went.  We waited a really long time and I even started stalking Dr. B through asking for news.  He finally called us at 6:00 and started out saying that his kidney numbers (Creatinine and BUN) were not where they had been.  They were not crazy high but we discussed floating the numbers by his nephrologist just to be sure they are in the loop.  By the way, how precious is this picture of Mike and Dave?
Here is our big guy getting his labs drawn without an army holding him down!!!  HUGE progress for our boy.  Anyway, the amazing Dr. B then states that a shadow was seen on his X-ray.  Let me back up..... For the first two years post treatment,  David had CT scans to make sure his cancer was staying away.  CT scans are the best way to check for that, but CT does comes with additional radiation.  After the 2.5 year mark, he was switched to X-ray and ultrasound to check for no new cancer because his relapse rate is significantly lower, and for his long term health the less radiation he is exposed to the better.  So today he received an ultrasound, an echo on his heart, an EKG and labs were drawn.

So, the X-ray which is a flat and grainy image unlike a crystal clear CT scan, showed a shadow on the back of his lung.  It was seen by the doctor so it had to be reported and now we are left to stress.  Is it cancer?  Is it a shadow?  What the heck is it really? 

So that is where we are tonight.  We are trusting and believing that God has brought us this far and will never leave or forsake us.  He knows we are scared to death and loves DAvid even more than we do.  We trust  in his plan for us.  

Monday morning Dr. B will set us up with a CT scan to get a definitive answer on this crazy shadow.  We will return to UVA as soon as they can fit us in for peace of mind for us.  Bless that amazing Doctor... I asked him some hard questions tonight on the phone and he answered them as he always does with direct and honest wisdom.  He loves our Dave too and he is sad we are being stressed out.  

So we ask for our prayers that this shadow is truly nothing.  Despite what next week brings, we know that God has been and always will be with us.  He has been too faithful to leave us now.  Thanks also for the all the messages, tests, and love.  We are blessed with some amazing friends for sure!! 


  1. Praying for Dave and his fabulous family, as well as Dr. B. It takes a really precious person to do what he does!

  2. Praying for Dave and his fabulous family, as well as Dr. B. It takes a really precious person to do what he does!