Sunday, March 20, 2016

March Update

I simply cannot believe it is Palm Sunday today.  I know Easter is early this year,  but it feels as though we just put the Christmas tree away! 
These two along with their Daddy ref finished up their Upward basketball season this past week.  David will now graduate to Special Olympics basketball next year.  Hope adores basketball and thanks to her older brothers and coaches, she has improved so much! 
Hope and David have also been enjoying their kids yoga class!  This class has been awesome for David's strength and core muscles.  David is athletic but still has some stamina issues and low muscle tone.  Here he is doing the caterpillar pose! 
Here is Hope doing the tree pose!  Friday afternoon after yoga we had a family dinner at home and then we settled in to watch the Hokies play BYU in the NIT tournament.  The game was late for us, but I stayed up to cheer for my Hokies.  I went to bed after midnight and then was up Saturday morning at 6 to go cheer for my favorite basketball player!
Kyle had an AAU tournament in Christiansburg early Saturday morning.  I was able to catch two of his games.  I love watching this guy play basketball!!  He had a great day and even blocked a shot for our team to hold on and win in overtime.  Kyle is so quiet and shy but I love seeing his leadership skills and passion on the court. 

After catching two of Kyle's games we picked up pops and one of David's dear friends, to head to Charlotte to watch the Charlotte Hornets and Denver Nuggets play!
After buying matching jerseys they found some cute cheerleaders for a photo op! 
God has blessed David with some sweet friends and we are so thankful.  We are also so thankful Pops got to spend the day with us and watch some basketball-NBA style. After getting home at midnight, it was a little difficult to wake up for church but we made it!
Here is our sweet girl in the palm processional at church.  There were several of us moms waiting in the back of the church for the time to bring the palms in.  One of the hilarious girls said "hey wait... we are suppose to yell Ohio when we walk in right?"  Close but lets try Hosanna instead!!! Children are truly hilarious. 

No afternoon nap for this girl, because it was time for our annual Easter egg hunt with our down Syndrome group. It is always so much fun, but today we had new babies!!!!!!!  Everyone knows that I adore babies so I had to get my hands on them.
Here is gorgeous Jessie!  He was born in December and he took my breath away.  I sat down with his Mom and chatted.  I think she was overwhelmed when she first walked in.  A diagnosis of down syndrome is a shock and like us, she had no idea her son would have that extra little chromosome.  I pray that she was encouraged and excited for what is in store for her family after being around so many other children with designer chromosomes.  David has brought such joy to our entire family and I am so thankful God chose us to be his parents. 
Baby Alice also attended her first ever egg hunt!  David even got brave enough to hold her! 
This picture makes me belly laugh.  Caroline and I decided to take a selfie and  I smiled my big cheesy smile. Caroline then said "no like this" and showed me how to make duck lips!  I rolled and then of course made duck lips.
Kay Clawson captured this picture of my boys.  I love this picture because Kyle rarely smiles that big smile.  I love the relationship these boys have and I am so thankful David has two great siblings. 

This tired but feeling so blessed Momma is ready for bed.  Between yoga class, cheering for the Hokies, two early AAU games, an NBA game, Palm Sunday at church and then an Easter egg hunt with some of the cutest kids ever, I am exhausted.  Blessed but exhausted. 

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