Monday, March 7, 2016

Robinson Update

Our family has been so busy but blessed lately. 
Hope and David have started a kids yoga class and they love it!! It is great for David's core strength and his balance.  Such a great option for our kids locally.
This past Saturday night at church our amazing middle school youth hosted a princess tea party for little girls in the community as a fundraiser for our summer mission trip.  It was a huge success with close to 60 princesses showing up for the royal treatment including hair, nails and makeup.  We also had a bible study time to learn Psalm 139:14 I am fearfully and wonderfully made. It was an amazing night at FUMC!!!
Before the tea party Saturday, we rushed to Kingsport to watch Kyle play two games of basketball.  He was not 100% after having the flu last week.  I love to watch him play something he loves so much! He got shoved down and hit his head pretty hard.  I was not a happy momma-basketball is rough!!!
Here is my little fearfully and wonderfully made princess after her royal treatment of hair, nails and makeup!  She had such a blast with her church girl friends.
The amazing Victoria did a circle braid in Hope's hair!!  It was gorgeous-she is so talented. 
Every Sunday morning David choses to sit alone on the front row so he an be close to the praise band.  Yesterday he sat with us because these beautiful ladies sat with us also!  We joked that only these pretty girls would make David change his seat at church! Ha!

Middle school youth is keeping me incredibly busy these days but I love every single second of it.  I love watching them mature and grow in their faith.  It is humbling to watch God work!  This Saturday night we are hosting a youth worship night at church and I cannot wait!! 

Life is very busy these days but it is full with lots of great stuff including church activities, sports, school, preschool and youth for me, Life is good and God is great.

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