Monday, July 4, 2016

Celebrating Life Changes!!

We just returned from our extended family vacation on a Carnival Cruise out of Charleston SC to the Bahamas.  The timing could not have been more perfect because right before we left for our trip Mike announced his job change!!  Aunt Garnet and Adam also vacationed with us but not Uncle Gary because he had to stay home and settle his business situation with his oil company. We missed Uncle Gary but thanks to his business deal he too will soon get to have more family time himself.  God has blessed our families for sure and the timing of this trip was perfect.
Here is our boat as we were getting ready to load up!
It was hot hot hot on the boat but we certainly had a wonderful time!Time away as a family is priceless and we had lots of time together.   We realized how much our kids have grown in a year because it was even tighter quarters in our stateroom!  Ha!
This picture makes me smile!  Here is our cancer warrior Dave with his Pops who is almost finished with his chemo treatments. Amazingly he packed his chemo in his suitcase and he took it while we were vacationing.
We all took lots of naps while cruising.  The rocking of the boat makes us all sleep like babies!
On our day in the Bahamas, we split up.  Mike, Kyle, Adam and Garnet headed to Atlantis for a day of big waterslides and water fun.  The rest of us went to the beach and enjoyed the beautiful scenery and gorgeous water.  We all got WAY too much sun and it was super hot, but it was such fun.
These two had a blast!  Dave is too chicken for the water slides at Atlantis and Hope is too small for them yet.  They had a a great time swimming and snorkeling at the beach.
It looks like a pool, but this is the ocean water.
So we also got to meet this really official and really nice security officer for the Bahamas.  Apparently when you leave the ship now you have to not only have your Carnival card but a photo ID.  I missed that memo and left the ship with only my Carnival card!  Well, it was time to return to the ship (to eat of course) and because I did not have my card this dude had to escort us!  Ha!  I took a picture to show Mike and Kyle because I did not think they would believe me!
Sunsets on a cruise ship are so beautiful!  GG and Dave were the only wo that would pose for me!

We all loved the family friendly comedy shows at night, all the yummy food, the candy store, frozen virgin daquiris, chocolate melting cake,  and the 24-7 ice cream machine! I treasure any memories we are able to make as a family because time is certainly flying by oh so fast.
Of course the night we chose to attempt a family picture the wind is blowing 35 mph, but here is our attempt at a family picture on the elegant night.

Last night we celebrated David's birthday on the boat and they waiters were sweet enough to sing to him at dinner. 

The weather, company, and trip was amazing!  We praise God for time together away from the craziness of life and for allowing us this time together to relax.  We are thankful that Pops and GG were on board with us and that Adam and Garnet were able to come with us as well.  We give God all the glory for blessing our families with big changes and new opportunities.We know that every good and perfect thing comes from above. 

Now I must find some aloe and throw another load of laundry in!  

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