Sunday, November 2, 2008

Magical Day

You know, there are just some days that you know you will remember for a very long time. Today, was one of those days. Today was our 2nd annual Down Syndrome Buddy Walk to celebrate the lives of our babies (no matter how old) with Down Syndrome. About two years ago, Mike and I along with our friends, The Burkett's started a family group for families with Down Syndrome. We LOVE our group and I can honestly say it is the most wonderful party you will ever attend. This group of people LOVE their children, are PROUD of their children, and frankly we just get together to corporately celebrate the blessing that they are. We all feel that God has blessed us with these angel babies and we get together once a quarter or so to love on these kids and to celebrate their accomplishments.

Today was an extra special gathering due to the weather. We were blessed with a 70 degree day in November which is really rare for this area. We were suppose to gather in a church fellowship hall, but last minute we moved the event to a local park with a playground and shelter area. We had a great turnout of families, friends who just love our kids, our beloved pediatrician and her boys, and a few extra special teachers who took their weekend time to come support our kids. We also had a sweet community couple who just came to show their appreciation for our group. I was overwhelmed with the turnout and humbled to think that David and his friends could impact that many people. You know, all we are hearing from the media right now is scary news, but at this gathering today you could not have been more blessed by the upbeat and positive attiude that was present.

I was just so overwhelmed with love from this community of family and friends that I just had to post some pictures from this magical day blessed by God.

Princess Caroline loving the slide:) Her 1st grade teacher even came to show her love for Caroline:)
My sweet boys along the walk.
Walking along the sidewalk. We walked beside a very busy street which was a little nervewracking for all of us:) People were pretty respectful and let us pass!
David playing with his friends:)
Caroline and Mrs. Libby

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