Saturday, November 1, 2008

Night of Fun

Halloween night was a lot of fun! We headed out with some neighborhood friends (we grew into a posse as the night went on) to trick or treat around our neighborhood. Our neighborhood is very hilly (we do live in the mountains) and it was such a test of endurance! We had one little episode where a neighborhood dog (on a leash thankfully) thought David was a squirrel instead of a cute monkey and got a little aggitated. I just had to share some pictures to document our night.
Kelsey and David prancing down the street:)

Kyle (aka Michael Phelps) and neighborhood friend, Tanner (aka ninja boy) getting ready to head out for some fun!
David was so excited to get an apple that he bit right into it:) I would have been horrified if it wouldn't have been from a neighbor that we love named "Poppy." He is Tanner and Kelsey's grandfather and he lives on the street. Our kids hit the jackpot there and David was so excited with his apple!

Kyle and friend Joseph knocking on a neighborhood door:)

Here is David (aka monkey) and Kelsey (aka Brat cheerleader). Check out Kelsey's black high-heeled boots:) she lasted about 6 houses before she was begging for her tennis shoes. David insisted to wear his nice church boots with his costume. After trick or treating we went to a local high school football game between two undefeated teams. David REFUSED to take his monkey costume off to go to the game and wore it all night long at the football game. He was probably the warmest person at the game!

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