Monday, December 8, 2008

The Gift of the Unexpected

Today I had an appointment with my OB doctor. I am officially 12 weeks along and I was so excited when the doctor chose to do another ultrasound. My checkup went very well with low blood pressure, slight weight lose due to sickness, and good results from last month's blood work.

The doctor did an ultrasound to confirm the due date of June 29th. Little Peanut came on the screen and I know this is my third go around and this was unexpected for us, but big crocodile tears rolled down my face. I was just so in awe of God's plan that he chose to bless us at this stage in our life with this blessing. I feel that I appreciate this gift so much more because of it was so unexpected.

While I am confessing to tearing up over little Peanut's picture, I also have to admit tearing up over the bible story of Jesus' birth today at preschool. My preschool class is on letter J, which is so appropriate to spend the next two weeks before Christmas break studying Jesus and his special birthday. I had a CD for the children to listen to that told that special story over 6 sweet little Christmas carols. I told the children to listen to the story and then sing along with the songs if they knew them. Most of the children did of course, and to hear that amazing story of two young, humble parents making room for the King of Kings birth in that stable paired with the voices of 7 sweet four-year olds singing just did me in. I was so moved and touched. There will be very few events that I attend over the next few weeks that will come as close to holy as today. If you need a little touch of the true meaning of Christmas, come by my preschool room any morning to truly be blessed. These children may have a list a mile long for Santa, but today their hearts were totally focused on the Savior that came to Earth as a babe to change us all forever.

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