Saturday, August 1, 2015

Buzz's Bunch 2015

Our alarm clocks went off at 6:30 this morning, but none of us complained-we were headed to Buzz's Bunch in Blacksburg!  This is the second year that we have attended Coach Buzz Williams' basketball camp for special needs children at VT.  
Dave was so excited to see his friend, "Sef Alwen" (Seth Allen)  and Seth was a greeter so his face was the first we saw when we pulled up.  This was their sweet little reunion.  

Walking into Buzz's Bunch for the second year in a row felt very differently than last year.  We knew what to expect and it was like a reunion of friends.  Dave spotted Coach Buzz immediately and shouted "hey Buzz" and Coach Buzz remembered David by name.  He is the real deal if you have not already gotten that memo:)  
It was another great crowd this year, but with so many current players, so many Buzz's Bunch alumni, and coaching staff it felt very personal and intimate.  There were three Buzz's Bunch alumni who are currently playing professionally overseas who helped with the camp today.  Our Dave had to have full gear on including his shooting sleeve and headband!  
As Buzz was gathering all the campers in the middle, I looked over and David had cozied right up to Buzz and I captured this sweet picture.  Buzz has a heart for special needs children and puts on this whole day for these kids.  Again, just know this guy is the real deal,  He is not doing this to show off for the media, he is here to bless these kids.  
This year, Caroline got to attend Buzz's Bunch as well!  She is Kyle's age (13) and I think she thought some of the players were really cute:) 
It blessed Mike and I to watch David at this camp.  This is a real hoops camp to teach these kids basketball skills and to have fun.  Davd (who is usually such a goof ball) gave it his all and tried so very hard.  Here he is doing a footwork drill with the strength and conditioning coach.  

David was a little sad and pouty that his group leader was not "Sef Alwen" until it was announced that Devin Wilson would lead David's group.  David recovered very quickly from his broken heart and was attached to Devin's hip.  At one of the stations, the group went to watch highlight film from last year and Devin was featured a lot.  He is a great ball player and guy:) 

David hanging from the rim at the dunking station!  
Once again Coach Buzz had the players surround the campers and lay hands on them to pray.   He then proceeded to thank our amazing God for these kids and the lessons they teach us all every single day.  He thanked God for us, the parents, and of course he made my eyes mist.  
Waiting in line for yummy Outback steaks and chicken (yes, steaks for everyone) David had to get some selfies in with Devin and Seth.  David is the selfie king! 
There were two cheerleaders at the camp and by lunchtime, David had them carrying his plate of food for him.  :) 
As we were finishing lunch, Dave said "Hey Buzz, lets take a selfie" and sure enough they did:) 
Seth and Dave selfie:) 
After lunch the players and Buzz lined up to sign autographs.  David waited patiently for all the players to sign his shirt, and he was excited that Justin Bibbbs signed it because he thinks he shoots like him! HA!

Thank you Coach Buzz and your staff for another wonderful camp for these amazing kids.  You took the time to connect with them and inspire them.  Thank you also for the memories and the yummy lunch.  Coach Buzz, you are a hero and you are leading your players to greatness both on and off the court.  The Robinson family will be cheering you on this season and we will be back again next year. 

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