Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Summer 2015 highlights

The backpacks are all packed, teachers have been met, supplies have been bought which means that it is time to head back to school!  Before I send off our 8th grader, 5th grader, and 1st graders, I want to remember back on the highlights of Summer of 2015. 
These highlights are in no particular order, but one of our favorite vacations ever was our cruise to the Bahamas.  What a blessed and relaxing trip on the seas we had.  The food, company, and much needed relaxation made this a trip to remember. 
After a wonderful Challenger season, I was blessed to receive the Little League Challenger award with my good buddy Mickey who also received the Challenger courage award.  
we spent several afternoons on the lake enjoying the boat and this summer it was fun to see all three of our kids on the tube.  We missed the lake house this summer, but we did have some boat time.
The Georgia mission trip..... I have no words to express what an amazing opportunity it was to go and serve God with my oldest.  That sweet communty in Georgia captured all of our hearts.  
Our mission team was amazing and to hear them come back to church and talk about how that trip touched them was a beautiful moment.  It never gets old to see teenagers in the pulpit talking about how  God changed their heart.  
We went on the cruise for David's birthday and for sweet Hope we went to Yogi Bear camping for her 6th birthday.  
We spent many many afternoons at the pool letting this little fish practice swimming and  perfect her dive.  

One night David and I loaded up some girls from the mission trip and went to see Tobymac in Kingsport.  What a fun and beautiful night praising God.  These girls are amazing and I had the best week chaperoning them in Georgia.  I love my little Georgia pookies. Our nightly bible study was precious to me.  
One weekend we took a random trip to  Richmond and came home through UNC and Duke.  It was a fun and spontaneous trip just the five of us.  
Both of the boys attended basketball camp at VT.  Kyle attended camp for a week while staying with GG and Pops and David attended Buzz's Bunch.  
During the week of VBS at church I helped with the youth which was such a blessing for me.  We did a community mission project each night with a devotion to go along with it.  It was such a pleasure to spend a week with the youth.  
Hope and Sydney at VBS!  These two have fun wherever they are.  

Another amazing highlight of the summer was the Gilmore reunion in Virginia Beach last week.  We had such a fun and amazing time together.  We made lots of  memories and Kyle went on his first ever deep sea fishing trip and caught a dolphin fish.  
Despite all the traveling, all the fun, and all memories, nothing comes close to the best news we received last week at UVA.  David had a wonderful checkup and is now considered to be three years cancer-free! To God be the Glory great things he has done. Amen. 

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