Monday, August 24, 2015

Back to School

I have been a blogging slacker, but Momma has been busy prepping the kids to start school and I have been working like a busy bee with my dear co-teachers prepping our preschool rooms.
Somehow our precious baby girl has turned into a first grader!  She is a blessed girl because she got Mrs. Hubble for a teacher.  Mrs. Hubble also taught our boys, and she was the special teacher whom David had when he was diagnosed.  She is a rockstar veteran teacher.  
Before school started we got four inches cut off of her curls.  A little trim and some aragon oil has made a huge difference in the tangles.  
The day before school started we had lunch with the Pughs and these cuties had such fun together.  Even though they are in different schools they will still see each other at church on Wednesdays and ballet.  
Our 8th, 5th and 1st grader.  My how fast time is flying.  David has Ms. Roark whom Kyle also had and she is a wonderful teacher!  We are so very excited.  Kyle has a great team of teachers at the middle school and amazingly as an 8th grader he has the opportunity to take three high school level courses.  
We are now a bus riding family!!  We have never done it before but it has been such a blessing!!  The kids love it and they can actually get home quicker on the bus than I can get them in the parent pickup line.  Kyle walked them to the bus with me the first day and they had to do their secret handshake.  
So thankful they have each other to ride together and that our bus has only elementary kids on it.  
First grade is a magical year full of many first.  Last week this little love also started taking piano lessons.  Be still my heart....I can totally see her and David playing the piano and singing worship songs one day.  
Mike is the bike riding teacher in this family.  I typically run along behind taking pictures and screaming "great job" like a lunatic!  Ha!  

This time of year is always a little emotional as we watch our babies head back to school for another year.  It shocks me how fast the time is flying by and the years are certainly short when parenting.  The days are often long, but the years are so very short.  Every year I pray that our kiddos will let their light shine at school.  

God has reminded me lately that I need to be studying His word.  I spent some time recently in a Lifeway christian store and came out with this bible study workbook to do on my own.  I have spent my entire adulthood learning and playing catchup in my bible knowledge.  

This bible study has been so good here on my own that I know it would be even more wonderful to do as a group.  This is way out of my comfort zone, but I am leading this bible study at FUMC starting Sept 13th.  Everyone is welcome!!  Just let me know you are coming so I can order you a workbook.  They are $15 and you can pay the first night.  

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