Thursday, August 13, 2015

Three Years...❤️

On our way home from the amazing Gilmore reunion 2015 we had
To stop at UVA for David's quarterly visit. 
First stop was an ultrasound to check all of his organs. He loved that so much and the tech that performed it said he was her most chatty patient all day! 
He was having so much fun that he even took a mid-ultrasound selfie! 
X-ray was up next and he rocked it! 

After his tests were done it was time to visit clinic. It got serious quickly when it was time to Draw labs. With his pops help it was not too traumatic. 
Hope even got in on the action and got to shake up his blood. 
Pops helped him wrap his wound:) the amazing news is that everything was wonderful and that he is now three years cancer- free!! To God be the glory and it was a wonderful ending to the week. The reunion deserves its own blog post another day but today, dear prayer warriors and friends, let's give praise to the The Ultimate Physician. ❤️

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