Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Celebrating #12

I think every parent would say their child's birthday is bitter sweet because we love watching them celebrate, but it breaks out hearts how fast the years are ticking by.  David's birthday brings out a slew of emotions for me because there were days during his treatment I wondered if he would make it to his 9th birthday, and today we celebrated #12.  

If you follow me on instagram or facebook you know that Dave celebrated his birthday yesterday by giving himself a haircut to look like Steph Curry!  Ha!  We got it fixed last night at the hair salon and we had the talk that only Mrs. Victoria can use the scissors on his hair.  After the drama of yesterday,  today was the day we got to celebrate with his three best friends, Zane, Ethan and Sam.

 Dave's only request was to go with his siblings and his three bff's to Just Jump which is a trampoline park. They had a blast and this Momma was so blessed to sit and watch him just be a normal boy hanging with his dudes.
 They jumped, dunked, and had a blast at the trampoline park!
 Even big brother Kyle had a great time!

 This picture blesses my heart because the friendship between these boys makes me smile.  They love David and David adores them.  They have his back yet they do not treat him different because of his Down Syndrome.  My eyes got misty several times today listening to them interact and talk sports, girls and food.  If you ever wonder if full inclusion works, come spend some time with Dave and his buddies.  You will be amazed.
 Ethan and Sam perfected their flip today and I happen to catch this epic picture of them mid-air!  I had a blast with these boys and my own kids today.
 Dave had a blast.
 After jumping for a while we went to Olive Garden to catch up on their carbs!  Ha!  This group hit the breadsticks pretty hard!
David got this beautful chocolate lasagna cake for his birthday dessert and he was so happy!  PIzza, salad and chocolate are all David's favorites and we got them all at one place.  

This is the smile that I will never forget.  This is the smile of one of the coolest, most amazing, hilarious, mischevious, and Jesus loving children around.  As we said grace around the table today before David's birthday meal, I had to fight back tears.  God blessed our lives 12 years ago by giving us this child.  He has taught us how to really live, love, survive, and bless others along the way.

Big David, Happy Birthday!  We are all so thankful you are in our lives.  You make us see the world more clearly and that is a life that is focused on God.  You makes us all laugh and I am so thankful God gave us you.  When I held you as a newborn in the hospital 12 years ago as a shocked and scared Mommy I never dreamed the ride you were going to take us on.  I am so thankful for you buddy-you make me see God everyday and you taught us how to live, really live.  My heart overflows....

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