Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Nashville 2K16

We are loving our Nashville trip!! We are hot, we are soooooo far out of our comfort zones in terms of showers, crews, and our facility but we are growing and learning.

Last night at opening program we received our crew assignments.  The whole planning process we were told that youth would be able to choose their work assignments and amazingly last night the youth (and adults)  handled it beautifully when they were divided up and had no imput at all over their assignment!  We have some youth and some chaperones that are in a group with no one they know.  

Today we all divided up and went to our service sites for the first time.  Some went to Boys and Girls club type of places, Kyle, went to a nursing home, some went to a Habitat Store to help, Kim got the only physical labor and she went to an elderly woman's home and did yard work.  I was blessed with the opportunity to go to a refugee center and work with children assisting them with their literacy skills and reading.  This gal was in heaven!!!!!!!!!

So lets discuss the shower situation.  Only for Jesus would I go to a shower tent outside and shower using a gardeen hose!  It is freezing but it is so blasted hot here that it is refreshing.  This princess has had to dig DEEP but for the chance to meet these refugee children and learn about them made it all worthwhile.  We are here to serve but let it be known we are the ones being blessed.  The shower was interesting enough and then add that one of our darling youth decided to turn the water off while I was shampooing my hair made for an extra shower adventure!  HA! 

I am too tired to blog more but just know that we are great despite being soooooo far out of our comfort zones.  Be proud of your youth-they are representing Jesus so well here in Nashville.  Good night from Nashville! 

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