Monday, April 17, 2017

Basketball, Jesus, and Good Soil

It seems that it is not a Robinson family update without a basketball picture or ten!  Ha!  Kyle is loving all the opportunities God has blessed him with this spring for basketball. He is constantly playing somehow and somewhere and is loving it.  We have told him that as long as he puts God first  and then school and family above basketball we will support his dream to play.  So far he is keeping up his end of the bargain:) I preach so often (and so loudly) to our youth to put God at the tip top of their totem pole and all other priorities will fall into place.
We also had a great day as a family celebrating the resurrection of our Jesus.  It makes me come undone every year thinking of the death on this cross Jesus endured and the days following his crucifixion. How sad his followers must have been days after his horrible death prior to the resurrection.  I love the living cross that we decorate at church each Easter Sunday.  It is a great visual reminder that Jesus is not dead he is alive and with us.  The last Easter before my sweet Memaw died she asked me to put flowers on the cross for her and we have every year since.  Pink flowers for Memaw every year:)
My little blessings on Easter morning-don't let Kyle's smile fool you-he was soooo grumpy from pulling an all nighter.  More details below about that.

I love Easter morning and I love when my trees out back cooperate for a pretty background for our pictures!  Notice the golfer in the background!  Ha!!

Here is the Easter virgil fire crew at church from midnight until 7 a.m. on Easter morning.  Our pastor started a pretty cool tradition where the youth come (with tons of junk food of course) and sit around the easter fire waiting for Jesus.  The night begins with the pastor reading the scripture about Jesus going into the Garden of Gethsemane after the Last Supper and asking his disciples to stay awake and wait for Him while he prayed.  Of course the disciples fell asleep.  I had a pretty cool time sitting around the fire with these guys talking about their faith and how we can support them in their spiritual journey.  Being a youth leader is one of the hardest but most AMAZING things I have ever done.  I will admit this 41 year old did like the disciples and fell asleep (in my warm bed) around 3:30 but this group made it all night.  They bless my heart.

We are teaching Kyle the importance of saying thank you to those who have blessed him along the way, One of his trainers moved away but he came back for Easter break.  Kyle met him in an unairconditioned gym in a nearby college over break for a hard core workout.  Thank you DJ for blessing Kyle with confidence and ball handling on the court.
I can barely contain my excitement over trash!!!!!  Not only are we newbie gardeners in this house but we are now newbie composters!!!  I have eaten way too many bananas this break just so I can put the peels in our new compost bin.  We are having way to much fun learning about composting and gardening.  Our garden will be tilled this week and we are so ready to grow food for our family and to bless those at the food pantry this summer.  I am trying to talk Mike into letting me have chickens but no such luck yet.  sigh.
We were in Radford over break to spend time with GG and Pops for Pops' birthday.  GG is still recovering from her broken knee cap (that happened two days after Christmas) so dave was a great nurse for her Saturday:) She just started driving again this week but she still has many PT sessions and healing ahead of her.
We certainly love our time in a gym watching basketball.  Kyle has been playing some tough competition in this spring and summer season.  He still needs to work on his "chicken arms" but he has had a blast playing with lots of different guys this season.  Each tournament the competition seems to get taller, stronger and faster.  Kyle is not the fastest or tallest out on the court so he is learning a lot!
This was the picture of our Easter vigil fire and it made me so happy to hear these godly young men talk about their faith journey.  We are planning an upcoming youth and parent worship service and some of these guys are willing to share their testimony.  It is such an honor and privilege to get a front row seat to what God is up to in the lives of these youth.  There were lots of laughs around that fire but also many serious discussions of what God has been up to in the lives of these guys.  I left that fire sleepy but so proud.

We hope your Easter was wonderful and full of the hope that we have in serving a resurrected God! May we all carry this spirit of hope and joy through the rest of the year!

We know that Christ, being raised from the dead will never die again; death has no dominion over Him!  Romans 6:9

If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.       Romans 10:9

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