Monday, April 3, 2017

Tall Boys and Big Gardens

This past weekend we took a little road trip to Maryville College to watch Kyle's basketball team play against some amazing competition.  It was a great experience for him to play against such talent-the game is definitely more physical and fast-paced than anything he has or ever will experience in school ball.  Basketball is his passion and his love.
Notice how tall this opposing player is?!  The teammate of Kyle's beside him is a tall 6'4 ish.... yeah.... number 13 is a tall drink of water.
Kyle has now seen first hand the competition that is out there and that he must work even harder to improve his game.  I preach to Kyle all the time (and to all my kiddos and to our youth kids as well) that God must be at the top of our totem pole.  Yes basketball is great, but it should have its proper place on the totem pole of importance.  Never should we worship basketball (or anything really) over our Creator.  I hope as he pursues his dreams he always remembers that lesson. We are thankful  that we got to head out of town for a change of scenry as a family and watch some incredible basketball.  

The downside too all of this basketball is sweaty dirty clothes with no hotel laundry.  This momma had to get creative and had to use some Woolite in the bathroom sink!
I pray that God uses basketball to teach Kyle life lessons such as hard work, determination, persistance, gratefulness, and being a good teammate.  I am thankful for the all of the coaches that Kyle has been blessed with as well as all these new teammates that love this game as much as he does.
Hope and David love a good hotel overnight and they not only enjoyed the hotel pool, but we all enjoyed a little Cheesecake Factory cheesecake.  I love when we can get out of town together and just enjoy the together time.  Between Little League, challenger baseball, our jobs, youth ministry, and our kids' schedules life has been busy.  Time away together was nice.
We made it back for worship Sunday morning and I love that Dave is front and center on the front pew until a pretty girl comes to church and then he makes his move!  Ha!  I am thankful my boys understand that Jesus girls always are the prettiest girls:)
Sunday afternoon was gorgeous and while Kyle played even more basketball Hope and Dave enjoyed time in a park.  I watched these two running together and my heart almost exploded.  Our family is far from perfect but having David has blessed us all.  Kyle appreciates his time on the court more because he knows his brother will likely never get to play at that level.  Hope knows her brother needs a translator and milk pourer and she often does more for him than she really should.  Dave has taught us so many valuable lessons and Sunday watching these two together reminded me how blessed we are.  
Speaking of blessings, I am a tired and worn out teacher and Momma ready for spring break.  We still have another week of school to get there, but we are getting close.  This morning as I was making our bed I realized the view and I had to stop and say thank you to God.  When we are weary he is always there. When we are feeling the stress of life, he is always there. When we feel out of control (especially when it comes to our kiddos) we know He is always there.  This morning I felt God's presence remindng me he is always present with us.  How can you not see a beautiful sky like this and not stop in awe at who created it!

Another exciting opportunity coming to our family very soon is a 400 square foot garden in our yard!!!!!!  Mike and I are pretty clueless gardeners, but we have been blessed with the opportunity to take part in a Homegrown garden through our local communtity garden called Sprouting Hope.  We are part of the Homegrown program which teaches clueless gardeners like ourselves how to grow food for our family!  Our family goal is to share our crops with the food pantry shelves at First United Methodist Church.  Our other goal is learn how to garden successfully so that our children will learn how to be gardeners and to share our harvest with those less fortunate than ourselves.  We are SO excited to be in this program which is funded through Grow Applachia grant.

Our clan is staying busy but we hope that our "busyness" will never distract us from keeping God front and center of our lives.  We are so thankful for the blessings he has sent our way and we will update the blog as our garden grows!

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