Sunday, April 30, 2017

Weekend Overload

 As crazy as last week and this weekend were I just keep reminding myself that "these are the days" and I will miss this craziness one day.  One day there will be no one to take to a tournament or a game and I will be sad (maybe). :)  So my philosophy now with one in high school, one in middle and our sweet girl still in elementary school is to soak up every second.
  Kyle and I took  a road trip this weekend for him to play with his Xplosion team in Greensboro.  Greensboro you were great but hot!  We were in this beautiful private school gym Friday night and there was no AC.  I was so hot cheering and watching I dropped my phone due to my sweaty hands!  Ha!
 Kyle's team won 3/5 of their games in a Phenom Hoops tourney.  It was a treat to have him to myself for the weekend even if I drive him nuts!  Ha!  Kids are always so different one-on-one and we had a great time even if we are both worn out.
 These tournaments are no joke with unbelieveable talent.  It is really fun to watch such high level basketball but I may or may not have yelled at a ref or two:)
 Kyle was thrilled to take this picture post-game Friday night!  Ha!  He does not always appreciate my pictures but he does enjoy reading the blog :)
 This little dude had a great weekend.  Pops and GG hosted David for a sleepover Friday night and then Pops took Dave to his own AAU tournament in Blacksburg.  David loves his cyclone teammates and loves being on the team:)  It is so precious to watch him.
 Most of my pictures are from my iphone as I try to take pics of these fast players while I cheer! Ha! One of the Xplosion parents is a great photographer and I always enjoy his pictures!  Thanks Michael Thomas!  There was high drama at the tourney with one of our players getting choked and hit and sadly when he defended himself he too got ejected.  I learned some valuable lessons this past weekend traveling ... 1) Google maps is my new BFF.  For real.  2) Humility is important and not practiced enough with high level hoops players.  3) basketball laundry is gross.  4) Point differential is real and though it is sad to run up the score on teams, our coaches attempting to be classy did not and it resulted in us being dropped down to bronze divison.  Sad that cut throat is valued more than classy sportsmanship.  
 Saturday morning the 10th grade team played at the Coliseum.  There were 8 temporary courts set up within the coliseum and there were designated areas for college coaches to watch players.  Kyle's team only being freshman did not play at the Coliseum because they are not quite ready for this, but it was crazy to see how many colleges were there recruiting.
 While I was cheering for Kyle Mike stayed home and held down the fort which meant getting this little lady ready for her spring piano recital.  It was a duet recital with her amazing teacher and Mike not only got her piano ready he also rocked her hairdo!
 This weekend also made me say a prayer of thanksgiving for all the great coaches that God has put into Kyle's life.  God is using basketball to teach Kyle some life lessons and great coaches are gems.  Here is Kyle getting a mid-game lesson on a certain play.  Don't let the smile fool you, Coach Kevin is hard core but he shows his love by how hard he pushes them.  He helped Kyle have a late night epiphany one night and I am so thankful for his investment in kids.
 I love spending time with all of these sweaty, stinky but hilarious boys!

 For their recital Mrs. Melody presented each girl with this precious shirt for their duet recital.  It says plays well with others:)  Soo creative and cute!  Check out Pops in the background.  He and GG were actually able to come to town and attend the recital.  With GG's knee therapy and my grandmothers medical drama they have been pretty tied up lately.
We may have lost in double Overtime in the championship, but here is Coach Kevin sharing some wisdom with the guys before leaving.  It was a dramatic tourney with a fist fight, player ejections, psycho opposing coaches, referees beginning the game before our coach arrived, and hot gyms to the point that the floors were slick due to sweat.  But despite the drama I had a blast.

I am also thankful for technology because I got to enjoy my girls duet for the recital.  The weekend was overloaded but Blessed be the name of the Lord!

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