Sunday, April 23, 2017

Being Content

This past week has been full and heavy around here.   After much thought and prayer it was decided that Hope and I would stay back this weekend to attend a funeral for her friends momma that is gone way too soon.  My thought is that when a child asks to go to a funeral you take them. We stayed here while the boys headed to Richmond for Kyle's first Big Shot tournament with his Xplosion team.

It pained me to miss the basketball action but this weekend was just what this girl needed.  Extended time at home to clean, organize and do some therapeutic cooking with my best girl.  We watched a movie snuggled in bed and we just rested our souls.  The funeral was beautiful yet heart-wrenching, but it made me thankful for Jesus.  Hard times such as this can be consoled with the idea that those little twin girls will see thir Momma again in heaven.  Only Jesus can give us hope in our darkest times.

Thankfully one of the parents on the Xplosion team is an amazing photographer and I got to see my boy in action through his lens.  (Thank you Michael Thomas for your pictures).

I love seeing him do what he loves to do through the lens of the camera.
I am thankful that he has basketball in his life.  It can teach so many great life lessons and I think this weekend was full of learning.
I have a new toy in my house and I am obsessed with it.  I have never had a food processor until recently and it has changed my life.  I have made homemade salsa, pizza dough, and this weekend we made homemade Cheez-It crackers.  They are way better for you and they taste like cheese straws.

I stole this off of one of Kyle's coaches' Instagram pages, but here is a team picture after the tournament was over.  They won three out of four games against some tough competition.  Kyle has a lot of learning and growing to do (gotta work on those chicken arms) but he is loving this and loving this team of guys.
Our two youngest have added snapchat to their lives and it is cracking me up!  They can only have "friends" that I approve of but they love these filters for different pictures.  Dave sent this one to Hope and it made me belly laugh.  This strong -willed turkey is hilarious!!  He refused to allow me to be one of his "friends" on snapchat because I was not young or cool, but he finally relented.  He just refuses to send me messages back or message me at all!  I cannot be angry because it is hilarious!

This weekend I was reminded that life can change on a dime.   When my girl (dressed in our funeral clothes) wants to take pictures with me I say yes.  Very soon she will never want to take a bunch of pictures with me and so I am embracing this baby of ours and enjoying the fact that she wants to be under my feet at. all. times.  Very soon her friends and life will be way cooler than Mom.  I pray this beautiful girl reminds pretty inside and out by making God the priority in her life and living in a way to bring Him honor.

Today Hope and I overslept for church.  It would have been so easy to stay in on this cold and crazy rainy weekend (flooding going on around these parts this weekend) but God comes first so off we rushed to church.  I got so tickled when we slumped into the pew right before the opening song began and I realized that Hope's hair was wet.  Like very wet!  I got so tickled because my mother would have croaked if she would have seen how we showed up to church today (GG is a very prim and proper church goer who is always looking like a fashion model going to church).  I did not get that gene apparently! Ha!

Anyway, we made it to church in the monsoon and the opening song was an oldie but a goodie for our church-Victor's Crown.  God knew my soul needed to be in His house today singing His praises.  I love this song so much!!

At the Cross the work was finished
You were buried in the ground
But that grave 
Could not contain you
For you wear the Victor's crown!!! 

It was such a wonderful morning of worship to be reminded the week after Easter that Jesus is still alive and He wears the Victor's Crown!  The pastor also preached a part of his sermon on Philipians 4:11-13 where Paul writes from PRISON about being content whatever the circumstances.   Life can be really hard and feel out of control sometimes but this sermon this morning blessed me.  No matter what, we serve a living God who wears the Victor's Crown.  Because of Him we can be content in our circumstances knowing he is on the Throne.  Amen. So thankful these hot mess Robinson girls made it to church wet hair and all to be reminded to be content and to rest in the one who wears the victor's crown.

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