Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Football Frenzy!

Well, we made it through the first real football game and Kyle is still grinning! He loves it even though he learned tonight there is another team coming after him! Bless his heart, on the first play of the game, Kyle got the ball and ran for a touchdown. Frankly I have never seen him move that fast and as his mother I know why he had that speed-he was running for his life so he wouldn't get tackled!! Here are several pictures of the touchdown!

This afternoon David was so excited about Kyle's game that he found the helmet and had to get some downs in in our living room! It is definite football frenzy in our house! Next week starts the regular season games-I will be there with bells on cheering my guts out as always:) Go Cowboys!

With my new camera lens, I got really close on this picture!

Sweet David having some after school football fun in our Steelers helmet:)

Opening drive of the game-go baby go!:) It all happened so fast, that it was hard to cheer and take pictures at the same time.

My angel faces. Several minutes after this precious angelic picture was taken, Kyle tackled David which ensued a Robinson riot!!!:)

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  1. Laura...I love your pictures! I have to have a schedule. Seth, Brittany and I must get to one of those games! Kyle looks like a natural and David.....what can I say? These pictures a too cute!