Monday, September 1, 2008

Happy Boy-Scared Mom!

I should have known this football thing would not go away. Kyle has been talking about playing football well over a year now. Signups were last week, and I simply thought somewhere in my mind that he would see what it would be like and back out-no such luck for this worried Mommy. He came home from "uniform pickup night" with this getup on and this smile plastered to his face! He was so proud of himself:)

The next night would be the first practice. A light rain fell and I smugly thought that this first practice would put an end to this football stuff. I soon realized, however, that the rain actually made him MORE excited about this upcoming first practice. Mike took him and I watched from the sidelines as my son had the time of his life! He loved the stretching and warmup just as much as he loved the playing part. This week, however, will be his first game-I cannot wait to see if his enthusiasm grows or dims as he comes into contact with an opposing team. In the meantime, I will be in the laundry room trying to figure out where all these pads go in this pair of tiny white pants!:)

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