Sunday, September 14, 2008

Glimpses of Success

Being a Mommy is so hard and lately I have really struggled with how to properly raise my sons. My nature is to hover over them and smother them with love and nurturing. But lately, I have realized the need for tough love with Kyle, especially. Last week was a tough week for Kyle as he decided he did not want to play football anymore. What a tough one for this Mommy also. Our house rule is that you must follow through on a committment, but this is a hard committment to keep since it possibly involves bodily injury:) After a long evening, Kyle decided that maybe he will stick it out with football after all.

Anyway, as we were struggling all week with how to handle this football situation, I got a note home from Kyle's teacher reporting that he had earned enough Kid Cash to have lunch with ANYONE in the building. (Kid cash is a positive behavior program where children earn "kid cash" for good behavior). Kyle could have chosen anyone-his cool first grade friends, teachers, etc.. but he chose David. After such a tough week where Mike and I (actually just me) struggled with a tough decision, we saw a glimmer of success-Kyle chose his brother first and foremost. I do not know if this is always how it will be with these two, but at this moment in time, Kyle would rather have lunch with his four-year old brother than anyone. Needless to say, this mommy's heart was full of pride and love. Often when times are tough is when we appreciate these small glimmers of success that maybe as parents we are getting it right more often than we give ourselves credit for it.

p.s. As I write this post, my boys are having a major standoff over a big yellow bucket in our family room. Perhaps this lunch date was a once in a lifetime encounter:)

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