Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Future Olympian?!

Today David started gymnastics class! He is in a class called Tumble Tykes at a new gymnastics facility here. We were so excited for him to have this opportunity to work on his weak tummy muscles and have fun with his friends! David knew many of the children in the class and surprisingly he did awesome! We got in the car to go home, and he signed "more!"

Touching his toes in the warmup! He stayed on his carpet square and seemed to love the warmup moves:) David is checking out the girl beside him!

Jumping into the foam ball pit. At first he was a little leery, but he loved it!

Oops..what is a little gymnastics without a face plant or two! Mike was sitting behind me and you heard a collective gasp from him and the other parents. David just jumped right up and kept jumping on the tumble track. I don't think Mike will come again to watch David, I think this one class did his nerves in!:)

Is this not the cutest picture! They were suppose to be jumping like a pencil with their arms straight up in the air. I believe David is getting ready for Christmas early with his reindeer antlers!!:) What a cutie:)

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