Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Being a Sports Mommy

Often there are roles that you play in life that you don't choose. Being a sports Mom is a title that I have simply because I am the blessed mother of two boys. I relish the many titles that I have, but sports mommy is a title that can be wonderful, but it can come with its challenges.

This past week was Kyle's last football game. We were in a celebratory mood getting ready for the game because Kyle's team was undefeated and if they won they could be the champions. But, most importantly, Kyle was celebrating that it was OVER! Even though he is fast and can run some touchdowns, he hated the hitting and tackling part and was scared to death the whole game. Mike and I made him finish the season to honor his committment and this week I have been using this as an example of a time that he could be proud of himself because he had overcome a fear and honored a committment by finishing the season. I was such a proud Momma because Kyle truly perservered through this season and had every reason to be proud.

When we got in the car, I congratulated Kyle and treated him to ice cream when we got home. It was just such a lesson for me to train up my boys to value the things that are truly important and that winning is when you give it your all and play even when you are scared. Also, that winning doesn't always mean that the scoreboard is in your favor. Kyle is a winner because he followed through on his promise and did something that scared him to death. I wonder if they can put all that on the championship trophy.... :) Have a great day!

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