Friday, October 24, 2008

Magic Table

Tonight was such a blast! We went with Lynn and her kids to Suzanne's house for a halloween party. Suzanne is an amazing cook and truly goes all out for this event. Last year she hosted this party and we all had such fun that Lynn and I shamelessly invited ourselves back this year:) We (I mean the children) had such a good time that we had to repeat it again this year.:)

Suzanne's house is like none I have ever been to. She is totally relaxed about her house and no part of her house is off limits to kids. Both of her children have autism and they do not like traditional pictures and knick knacks on the walls, they much prefer holiday scenes on the walls. Suzanne embraces this and goes all out. It is always magical at Suzanne's house! She had huge pumpkins out for the kids to carve and we also had monster houses for the kids to decorate. Kyle's favorite part was a trampoline in the middle of their family room:) We have to get one for Kyle's boundless energy!

The most magical part of Suzanne's house is her kitchen table. She is such a great cook and there is something magical about her kitchen table. I feel relaxed and always eat way too much! She always has girls come and help with the kids which allows us to have time to sit and chat. Tonight was a little hectic due to some pottying accidents on David's part and a little "lock my keys in the car" moment, but it was just as magical as last year. My belly is still full of good food and I still have the glow from good fellowship.

Lynn and I talked earlier in the day about the details of the night and we were both so giddy to go ourselves. Suzanne's house is one of the only houses I have ever taken my kids to that I feel totally relaxed-I think it has to do with the yummy comfort food she always serves:)

I just had to share some pictures of the kids are both sleeping off their sugar high from all the good food:)

David thoroughly enjoying his cupcake.
Kyle and Heath posing for me!
Each child received one of these as a souvenir from the party. My kids were in heaven:)

Suzanne's magical setting! Her home is decorated for most holidays with scenes all over her walls. I am amazed-Martha Stewart needs to take some notes:)

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